Mum-To-Be: Practical Tips On Getting The Nursery Ready for Your Baby

It's time to start getting the nursery ready but what practical tips do you need to consider? Is it safe to use paint for the nursery when you're pregnant? What flooring is best to use in the nursery? Do I need blackout curtains or blinds in the nursery? Click through to find out

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One of the best parts of being pregnant is getting ready for your new arrival. After all, baby shopping can be so much fun as you look at the cute clothes and toys for your little one. And you can’t wait to bring your baby home to their new home. Of course, this means you need to get your nursery ready for your baby. Here are some practical tips for pregnant mums-to-be on getting the nursery ready for your new baby.


It’s time to get the paint out

It’s always a challenge picking out a colour for your baby’s nursery. In fact, if you don’t know the gender, it can make it even more difficult. For a lot of parents-to-be, they decide to go for a yellow or cream. After all, it’s gender-neutral, and it’s a great colour which will go with your baby’s furniture. It’s also something that might last them to their tweens. After all, if you did decide to go for a baby pink or blue, you might need to change it as they get older. To give the room a fun edge, you might want to go for some wallpaper or a border which has a cute design, but maybe steer clear of characters they can grow out of. You can get so many gorgeous wall stickers now that can be removed or changed as the baby grows. For example, you might want to opt for a water scene or a forest scene to make a statement on one of the walls. Or even an animal print can be cute for your little one’s nursery.  When you’re painting the nursery during pregnancy, although paint fumes are unlikely to cause problems, it’s best to steer clear of the paint fumes so get someone else to do it if you can, and opt for a low VOC water based paint and clean spirit instead of white spirit to clean the brushes with just to be on the safe side.


Choosing and picking out good curtains

A lot of people forget about the fact they will need curtains for their little one’s room. You will need to pick some out to ensure you can send your baby’s room into darkness – trust me on this! After all, once they are in their own room, you want to ensure they sleep through the night, and it helps them settle for naps during the day feeling safe in their darkened room. Blackout curtains or blinds can also block the sun to ensure your baby doesn’t overheat while they are in their crib. You might be able to find curtains which can match your baby’s bedding set. That way, everything in the room will be matching for your little one. Or if you’re handy with a sewing machine (or know someone who is) you could even look into making your own curtains for baby’s room by buying your own fabrics. In fact, if you look on sites similar to, you can choose the particular fabric for your baby’s nursery curtains. That way, you can ensure it’s all dine and looking good ready for your little one.

It’s time to get nursery furniture

It’s often a hard choice picking out furniture for your little one’s room. After all, you need a crib, possibly a changing unit, and a wardrobe or chest of drawers to ensure you are ready for your baby. You can often buy these as a set from shops or re-purpose what you already have. In fact, you can often get a discount buying the matching set. Or you might want to opt for individual units. After all, you might be able to get second-hand items from friends and family or take a look on eBay. As it says on the NHS website, if you are going for something pre-owned, make sure you go for a new mattress and sheets. That way, it will keep your little one safe when they are in the crib.


Tutti Bambini Milan 5 Piece Room Set in Reclaimed Oak from Babies R Us

The best Flooring for your nursery

Choose something soft, durable and easy to clean! For the first few months you’ll want something soft underfoot as you pad in and out during the day and night getting clothes, nappies, putting baby in and out of the crib if you’re putting them down for naps (for sleep tips click here to get prepared). Once the baby starts moving around and perhaps playing in the nursery, you’ll want to maintain that softness, but it also has to be stain resistant and easy to clean, you’ll get vomit stains, crayon marks and all sorts of food and drink spillages unless you’re meticulously strict. So choose your flooring wisely, you might want a neutral coloured carpet with a brightly coloured rug.


If you’re pregnant and wondering what else you need for your pregnancy, here are some other things you need to help your survive pregnancy and beyond!


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    I’ve shared this about for you!

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