Finding a New Home For Kid’s Toys

Finding a New Home For Kid’s Toys

We tend to buy so many items for our kid as they are growing up. After all, parents tend to go a bit OTT when it comes to birthdays and Christmas gifts. But as you will know, children grow out of items so quickly. And things like kid’s tablets and play toys can be so quickly tossed aside. And once your youngest has finished playing with the item, you are unsure of what to do with them. In fact, a lot of parents don’t really want to put them in the rubbish. But at the same time, they don’t want them sitting around creating clutter either. Here are some things to do so your child’s item can have a new home.


Donate the item to charity

The first thing you should consider doing with any old items your kids aren’t using anymore is giving them to charity. After all, they might be able to sell them in the shop for some money towards their good work. Or they might pass them along to kids who really need the items. To help you find a good charity, you might want to read up about them online. Or head to your high street to find a charity shop which you ought to donate to. And you could even wait till they deliver a bag which you can fill with items. After all, charities often put them through the door in hope you will have some things you are willing to part with. And you can tell your kids the toys did a good deed! Get them to go through it with you, but be warned they’ll want to keep everything. I find it better and I can be more ruthless if I do it myself.

Sell your old toys and devices

A lot of people end up just throwing away old toys and devices as they are unsure of what to do with them after their kid has finished playing with them. But a lot of these things could actually be recycled to stop a buildup of waste. After all, you might be surprised to know how much of an issue things like e-waste is causing to the world. In fact, you can read about e-waste and recycling online to learn more about the problem. Rather than throwing away old devices like kid’s phones and tablets, you should consider selling them instead. A lot of companies might buy them off you for a small price, even if they are not working. And then it saves them ending up in landfill. Give the money to your children, or save it for Christmas and Birthdays.

Give them away to a family who needs them

When it comes to your kid’s old items, it’s worth considering giving them away to a family who needs them. Just because your kid has finished with the item it doesn’t mean another family won’t be able to utilise it. In fact, their child might love the gift if they aren’t used to having many toys. You can look online to find families in need who might love the item. Or even asking in charity shops or at churches might guide you in the right direction. There’s also sites like freecycle where you offer up items to those who need them, or try offering on a facebook group.

And don’t be afraid to give them away as presents for birthdays or Christmas if the present is in working order. After all, it will save you some money purchasing another gift, and it’s so handy to have a stack of birthday gifts for parties.

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