Outdoor play with Kidunk Weather Proof Clothing

Play clothes and protective outer wear that is streamlined, warm and waterproof - read my review of Kidunk clothing, a small business with big ideas

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Have you had snow this winter? Here in the UK we had a tiny bit, and as soon as a few flakes settled onto the grass my children wanted to go outside and play. I know from experience they want to run out in pyjamas but that if they’re not dressed right they soon come back in needing warm layers and gloves. I’ve been fortunate to receive a complimentary set of protective warm clothing from Kidunk, who specialise in protective kids clothes for multiple uses. It just so happened I received them just in time for when it snowed. Here is Daniel rocking his Kidunk playsuit with his sister. He is wearing the Ink trousers age 3-4 and the splash top age 2-3 which just fits him, he needs a 3-4 really. I am aware he is wearing odd wellies, did I mention he was in a hurry to play outside?


They come as separates, so you can get the top and trousers or just one or the other. They have a teflon water resistant coating, so they’re perfect for rainy days, snow days, messy play and more. I really could have used these when we went to forest school last year, but now I’ll be prepared. The tops come in four different bright unisex designs. They slip over the head with popper fastenings to the shoulders and an elasticated collar and wrist. The trousers are fleece lined and have a zip at the ankle to easily pop wellies underneath. The added bonus is the trousers have a zip to connect with the top to become a playsuit when worn together. Daniel was toasty warm in his trousers and top and he could play freely without me worrying about him getting cold and wet. He had a good go on the trampoline and sent snow flying everywhere! He looks so cute in it and different from anything else you can buy. It also remains streamlined, so he doesn’t look or feel all padded up like a Michelin man!



The sizing I would say goes with the age of the child, so get the age your child is rather than a size up. Tina and Phil are the brainchild of Kidunk, who wanted to create play clothes for children that were practical, comfortable, easy to clean, water and stain resistant whilst looking cool too. A tough ask, but I think they’ve managed it. For more information and to get your own Kidunk clothing, see their website here.

Disclosure: we were gifted the playsuit from Kidunk for this review. All opinions are my own.

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Play clothes and protective outer wear that is streamlined, warm and waterproof - read my review of Kidunk clothing, a small business with big ideas. Kids waterproofs, playsuits and more with teflon coating

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