Planning a family get together

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I have a large family, so we often can’t all get together in one house, it becomes a nightmare! We’re all in slightly different locations too. For the past few years one side of the family were getting together and hiring a hall which has worked quite well. We all chipped in and had a small catering firm do a buffet. I’m in charge of planning next year’s family reunion and I did an internet search – let’s just say it opened my eyes somewhat! There are loads of dedicated planning sites and of course ideas for the reunion itself from location spots to games and themes for the event. Well I’m not going to go that far because I have better things to do with my time, but I have started to keep a list of favourite¬†large houses to rent in the UK. I love the idea of making a weekend of it, we’d all be relaxed in a big house, no one would feel the pressure of hosting and we could all get fish and chips or a chinese in. Perfect! It’s the people that makes a party, not the perfect theme, decor or catering.

My requirements for the house

  • We’re all south of London so we’d need it to be located South East or Sussex. There are some beautiful old houses to rent and it would be nice to be by the sea, but actually I can’t see us going to the beach so it doesn’t really matter.
  • Nothing too precious or breakable because, kids. We would have 16 altogether so let’s keep damages to a minimum.
  • Sleeps 30!
  • Has a garden
  • No open water
  • More than one toilet

Not too much of a wishlist hopefully. There are such massive houses to rent and they’re actually quite reasonable. Try having a browse round you’ll find a whole new world of gorgeous houses to host a get together in. I remember having a hen party in a house for a weekend, it was amazing, enough room for everyone and it had it’s own sauna and plunge pool! That has stuck in my memory and it’s partly the reason I want to repeat the experience.

Why make the effort?

Each year we see the children grow and play together, the adults catch up and have a drink together. All too often we get so wrapped up in our own lives it’s easy to let our connections slide. I’m really guilty of that, getting into a routine, being comfortable in our own little zone. Family bonds are reaffirmed and you feel grounded. Working in the nursing home has really drummed it home to me that life is short and family is everything. I see some residents have nobody to visit them day in day out. It’s not their fault of course, and I can appreciate how difficult it is to see a loved one decline in front of your eyes. Family is everything, so make the effort while you can, you won’t regret it.

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