6 Quick Tips to Cut the Cost of Everyday Living – save £180 a month!

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The cost of living seems to be getting higher all the time, what with turbulent times, lower than inflation pay cuts and rising prices of common staples. When you have a family to take care of, even the smallest rise in the cost of living can have a huge impact on your finances, which is why it’s always sensible to cut the cost of everyday living when you can.

Here are some quick tips to help you spend less on those everyday essentials:

Write Down Everything You Spend

For at least a month, write down everything you’ve spent and then review your purchases and expenses. You will probably find that you are spending more on things you don’t really need, or which could be bought cheaper elsewhere. By identifying these things, you can start changing your habits, so that you spend less overall. Money Saved: £30

Switch Your Utility Providers

Most of us in the UK could save money by switching utility providers. You might think that it’s a hassle, but thanks to the many great energy comparison sites out there, it’s possible to identify and switch to a more affordable provider in a matter of minutes. Money Saved: £10

Use Coupons


Some people are a bit funny about using coupons. They feel embarrassed to do so like they’re doing something wrong in some way, or like they’re making themselves look poor, but this is such a silly attitude to have. Most of the companies we buy from are making massive profits, and can easily afford to give a discount. We pay enough for life’s essentials that when there’s a chance to pay less, we should take it, and as you can see Here, there are coupons available for pretty much anything you might need to buy. The fact that these coupons are online also makes it easier to use them without feeling weird about it if that’s a problem you have. Money Saved: £5

Compare Petrol Prices

If you have to run a car in order to get the kids to school and to get yourself to and from work, it can get quite expensive quite quickly, but you can cut the cost of your fuel, at least by using a fuel comparison tool like PetrolPrices.com, which will always show you where you can get the best value fuel in your area. Money Saved: £5

Buy Second-Hand Clothes

Kids grow so quickly that it can seem like you’re constantly buying them new clothes and shoes every week. Although the reality might not be quite so bad as that, buying second-hand clothes will certainly help you to keep your budget in check, and because kids grow out of clothes so quickly, you can find some real bargains in the charity shops or on eBay – often they look just as good as new. Money Saved: £50

Cook in Bulk


Cooking meals in bulk doesn’t just save you money; it can save you a whole lot of time as well, which is always a bonus when you have a family to run around after! You see, when you cook in bulk, you can also buy ingredients in bulk at lower prices, and you’ll use less fuel to cook your meals. It’s a really good way to eat well for less. Money Saved: £80

Total potential monthly savings: £180

What are your top tips for cutting the cost of everyday living?


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June 17, 2017
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    To minimize the damage caused on a monthly basis, many people look for ways to cut expenses that are both easy to implement and effective. Here are a few ways to save money that you can try one by one without too much hassle, but offer the potential to save huge sums of cash over time.

    June 18, 2017 at 1:06 am
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