4 Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Children’s Clothes

4 Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Children’s Clothes

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Parents, especially young moms, often cannot refrain from buying children’s clothes, such as tiny shoes, dresses, and outfits. But often these purchases become too expensive and costly for family’s budget. Children grow very quickly. They fall in puddles, climb trees and draw with felt-tip pens on new white clothing. Here parental affection ends, and comes the question: is it possible to save on child’s clothing somehow?

We will tell you about four great ways of saving money when shopping for children’s clothes.

  1. Classified Ads Websites

On the classified ads websites you can find children’s clothes, toys and other things at a price 3-4 times lower than in an average store. If you are frightened by the idea of buying clothes that someone already wore, then recall how many times your child wore, for example, a dress suit. Among classified ads, you can find all sorts. You can also safely buy scooters and bicycles, children grow out of them quickly, and they practically do not have time to wear out. But doctors do not recommend buying used shoes, although use your own discretion.

  1. Joint Purchases of Clothes

Recently, joint purchases services have become popular. Here participants purchase large quantities of clothes at a wholesale price. You can find partners for an order on specialised sites or in appropriate forums: women, parent, or urban. So you can buy almost any product, strollers, clothes, even baby food. If you live in a small city, then you can buy goods that do not sell in your local stores.

  1. Sales, Discount Centres, and Coupons

For those who do not like waiting and are afraid of buying things from hand, there are discount centres, promotional codes, and coupons. On sales, you can usually find things for the next season at a low price. This frightens off many moms: it’s hard to predict how much your children will grow up and whether a jacket will suit them after three months. To avoid buying the wrong size, it is worth using special tables that allow you to predict growth, weight, and size of children. You can save more money with the use of coupons and promotional codes for discounts. You could also save money by shopping through children’s catalogues.

  1. Make Children’s Clothes Yourself

You have an option not to buy all clothes for your child, if you or another family member can sew warm and soft sweaters and socks, which even may be more quality than ones from the shops. For the material you can use wool from any old knitted clothes. For sure you have a couple of sweaters lying around. Check out these free clothes patterns!

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  1. Arina
    December 27, 2017 / 12:24 pm

    Your idea is really nice about buying clothes with the help of the banner ads. I like it. Kids are growing rapidly and due to that parents always get confused that what to buy and how to buy, but your article provides solutions to many parents. Thanks for such nice article.

  2. August 17, 2018 / 6:12 am

    This post is very informative for online shopping users. Thanks for sharing, your topic cover so many important tips and trick for online shopping users.

  3. August 22, 2018 / 1:16 pm

    Amazing guide, Shopping for the child is one of the most important tasks for parents, As you mentioned on your article, Now a day there are so many online stores available who will provide coupons and discount code on clothes. You have to check this online before buying clothes for your child.

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