How To Spend Quality Time Together (Without The Kids)

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Do you know how to balance your work life and home life properly? While so many of us struggle with making enough time for our kids, there is still one flaw in that plan, making time for your partner. Inevitably, someone is going to get the short straw in the deal, and it will most likely be your partner. If you are struggling to make time for one another, try out some of these ideas for size.

Have A Date At Home

Sometimes the best option is to make a plan in your schedule and stick to it. And if you have young kids, make it a time when they’ve gone to bed, or better still, take them to their grandparents and have a meal at home. Granted, a date night at home might not sound that exciting, but it’s a good option if you don’t have much money. A simple change is to make the most of the right lighting, and even things like Edison bulbs make a room exude some warmth from a room that isn’t accustomed for romantic evenings. Put some music on, and get the lighting right, and you’ll have the recipe for a nice cozy date night in. Keep a date jar with ideas for different types of date from simple movie nights in to extravagant experience days out.

Take A Day Off Together

If you don’t have time to be in each other’s company, then make time for it! The pressures of a successful career means that you won’t spend much time at home, and the only way to counteract this is to book days away from your desk! If you and your partner can both find a day where you don’t have anything on and the least amount of work deadlines you can actually spend quality time in each other’s company.

Make Room For Quality Time

And that’s the big thing. Although we could make time for one another, are we just staring at our phones instead of talking to each other? Make sure it counts. And this means putting your phone away, minimizing distractions and spending time realizing why you fell for each other in the first place. Sometimes we can get concerned that we’re not spending a huge amount of time together when we should focus on the quality, rather than the quantity. What’s the answer? Keep it simple. You don’t need to be whisked away for a weekend in the country when you’ve got no money! Instead, you can enjoy those quiet moments in the morning before the children wake up and just have a nice cuddle. Sure, we’re always tired, and there’s always something that gets in the way, but if we can afford to have a nice cuddle in the morning for five minutes, it’s five minutes of real quality time.

Close The Door

Yes, it can be that simple. If the kids are busy playing and you know they are safe, then close the door and spend time with each other for a little while. Put a movie on to entertain the kids have some proper time alone.

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June 12, 2017
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