Does Your Star Sign Affect How Organised You Are At Work?

Does Your Star Sign Affect How Organised You Are At Work?

Let’s have a bit of fun – in your working life, how organised are you? Alphabetised colour coordinated files and minimalism or desk piled high with old cups of coffee? I think I’m somewhere in between, I’d love one of those white and rose gold office spaces with one notebook and a cactus but that’s just not practical in real life!

In reality, I’m on my sofa with an old black laptop, a pillow on my lap and 2 open notepads with scribbled out lists, a banana skin, a skipping rope and a plastic sword for company. I’m happy as Larry.

But can your star sign impact on how organised you are in your work? Office furniture supplier believe there’s something in the stars when it comes to how we approach organisation. Is there any truth in it? Well, maybe – I’m a Cancer, which according to the chart means I find peace of mind in effortless organising! Well, I actually like things to be clean, tidy and organised, colour coordinated and perfect, it’s just that it never seems to work out that way – there always seems to be something blocking me, whether that’s time or other priorities, plus I have 3 little tearaways I need to keep alive that love to hamper my attempts. Some people think I enjoy living in a mess, or envy that I’m so relaxed about it. The truth is I hate it, and it doesn’t make me relaxed it makes me stressed! I envy those with a tidy organised house, as I sit here my house is like a bomb’s hit it because we’ve just got back from holiday but I’ve had work to catch up on so all I’ve done is bung some washing on and we’ve just about managed to get some food in. I get easily distracted by my phone or the children. I also get so tired that by the evening I just ignore it all and try and relax – tomorrow is another day.

What does your star sign mean when it comes to your work organisation? Are you an organised mess or colour coordinated minimalist? See if yours matches up!

What’s your star sign? Did they get it right for how you approach organisation at work? Any tips for me greatly appreciated 🙂


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  1. September 11, 2017 / 12:53 pm

    Start Up business are worth and as well as challenging. You might need extra organized method to get successful in it.

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