Stay Healthy During Pregnancy using Low-Impact Yoga

Stay Healthy During Pregnancy using Low-Impact Yoga

Staying healthy is paramount when you’re pregnant.  After all, you’re not just taking care of yourself; you’re also taking care of your baby, which you know of course.

Getting regular antenatal care is the first step, but a trip to your healthcare provider shouldn’t be the end of it.  You’ve got to do your part everyday, too.

Yoga during pregnancy

One way to make sure you stay healthy during your pregnancy is by exercising regularly.  Of course, you shouldn’t perform anything too intense or strenuous, which makes low-impact yoga the perfect choice.

The positive effects of yoga for pregnant women have been long documented.  Yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety, discomfort, and pain during the pregnancy period.  It has also been found to reduce pain and time spent during labor.

Yoga poses during pregnancy

Some yoga poses, however, are not advised for pregnant women.  That means no deep forward bends or twists or intense ab-focused poses.

Save the Bikram for after you’ve given birth, too — your body temperature rises during the course of your pregnancy, so you and your baby definitely don’t need to run the extra risk of dehydration.  Always remember to keep a water bottle handy.

Instead, stick to these recommended poses: Cobbler’s or Tailor’s pose (baddha konasana), Pelvic tilt or Cat-Cow Squatting, and Side-lying position.  Downward-Facing Dog (adho mukha vrksanasana) can be performed during the early weeks of your pregnancy but is not recommended during the third trimester.

More easy exercises during pregnancy

If you find yourself sitting down a lot, there are a number of low-impact exercises you can perform similar to those recommended for long airline flights.  For the gamers and bingo fanatics out there, it’s important to know that sitting down for long periods isn’t good for you. Keeping muscles and joints moving can stave off a slew of health problems.  Both the offline and online varieties of bingo — even the ones with live dealers — require a lot of sitting down, too, so limit your time staying still, take regular breaks and light exercise.

Another thing to remember is that once you’re in the second and third trimesters, you should always do any standing exercises with the use of a chair or wall for support.  This is when your center of gravity really starts to shift, so always make sure that you don’t run the risk of losing your balance.

Namaste!  Jenny x


This post is in collaboration with an affiliate, all opinions are my own. Not intended to replace medical advice. Always practice yoga with a certified yoga practitioner who knows you are pregnant.

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