5 Storage Ideas To Create Space In Your Apartment

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No matter the size of your flat, it seems that your “stuff” naturally grows to fill whatever space you have. It is an unfortunate fact that, as apartment dwellers, you cannot exactly expand your space or alter it physically to accommodate your need for storage. However, you can be creative with genius storage ideas like these five that will create space in your apartment.

  1.     Bedroom

You have probably already gone for the obvious and incorporated a complete closet storage system, including shelves and shoe racks, to make the most of your small space. However, when it comes to seeking out more space in the bedroom, go for the less obvious – under bed storage. This forgotten space under the bed is the perfect place for out-of-season clothes and shoes or even spare towels and duvets.

Look for units on wheels that easily slide out from under the bed, providing easy access whilst keeping your “stuff” out of sight and neatly tucked away. Units with lids keep out the dust that can accumulate under the bed. For a budget option, look for storage bags that zip closed to provide a dust-free environment for your things at a lower cost.

  1.    Store Your Bike

City apartment dwellers often have challenging storage for everyday items. Your bike, for instance, can be a complete nightmare to find space for that is secure and out of the way. Finding storage for your bike is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the space you have, including vertical wall and ceiling space.

A bike rack from Barriers Direct with a ceiling hoist or vertical suspension is the perfect way to keep your bike safe and secure and make the most of your apartment. Whether it is your entry hall or living room, these storage options require little to no installation expertise and provide an amazing way to store one of your most valuable possessions, your bike.

When it comes to finding storage in your small apartment, be creative and look for space you already have but are not using. With a little ingenuity and some minor expense, you can give all your “stuff” a safe, neat place to hang out.

  1.     Lounge and Living Area

Speaking of less obvious space, turn your attention to the bookcases found in most living rooms. Most of them provide a deep space that dwarfs a normal sized book. Reclaim this valuable space by using a bit of inventive thinking, providing storage in the back and book display in the front.

Find pre-made storage boxes or baskets at your local home store and use them as pullout drawers for the back of your bookcase. You will still have plenty of room for storing books in front of them while they keep small items tucked away for future use.

  1.     Kitchen

Kitchens typically have plenty of storage space in the form of cupboards and shelves, but in an apartment, this space can still be too little, too late. When faced with a cramped kitchen cabinet, look up. Get some decorative ceiling hangers and suspend your pots and pans from the ceiling.

Not only will your cooking items be in easy reach, you will look like an impressive chef as well. Another trip to your local home store will provide you with plenty of options on hooks, rods and chains to create a bespoke pot rack in your own kitchen. Do not forget those big serving spoons that can take up valuable drawer space; they look great hanging from a special utensil rack.

  1.    Bathroom

The most petite bathroom nooks can have wasted spaces that can be made useful again with the right shelving and storage options.  This time, think outside the linen closet and head for a furniture store or even a charity shop. Be on the alert for chests of drawers, bookcases and other pieces that would work in the bathroom for storage.

For those on a budget, consider basket storage options that look cute while being useful at the same time. Space under the sink can be turned into valuable storage with the addition of a few nice baskets. Use them to store spare towels, keep dirty clothes out of sight or even to stash spare toilet roll.

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