Playing and Learning with the Teletubbies Magazine

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I have two Teletubby fans now, Phoebe still likes them as characters and she enjoys watching the show even though she’s nearly 6 and Daniel is a new fan of the show and relatable characters. We already have some of the books which we still enjoy, this time we’re looking at the Teletubbies magazine. It’s a treat for Phoebe to get a magazine, she loves choosing one with the toy and then colouring and doing the activities inside.

The Teletubbies magazine offers lots of ways for your little ones to learn and develop confidence in a wide range of skills. The Teletubbies world explores sharing when they eat the tubby custard and toast, working together and using technology. The activities inside the magazine encourage and develop their fine motor skills, which I noticed when Daniel was helping Laa Laa to go to bed, also to recognise letters and numbers, be creative and laugh and have fun. The free toy helps them understand about their bedtime routine, whilst also making them think about the comfort of others. It also has stories and sticker scenes aswell as colouring pages and activities like tracing shapes, a counting chart, a time to dance game and dot-to-dot. I think it’s really good value at Β£2.99 from supermarkets and newsagents.

Daniel loved the Laa Laa bed set, he likes to tuck her up in bed and say ‘Night-Night,’ I noticed he said ‘Bed’ and he made her go for a little walk and said ‘Walk,’ which were two new words I hadn’t heard him use yet. He also wanted to have a go at the colouring and enjoyed making marks on the pages. Having seen the characters on screen and in books he can relate to them.

Phoebe likes the colouring and tracing letters, plus she’s keen for us to play the game together. Here’s a video we made of us playing and taking a look through the magazine.

Disclosure: I have been compensated for my time, all opinions remain my own.

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October 12, 2016
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