Thinking myself slim, week 3: Hitting the wall and breaking through

Thinking myself slim, weight loss with no diet

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It’s been a bit difficult this past two weeks when it comes to weight loss.   I seem to have gone through different emotions and motivations.  Some days I just want to give up and scoff a load of pastries, doughnuts and chips and others I’m on salad and keeping active.   I’d love to be a bit more consistent,  I’d like to eat generally healthy with sensible portions and the odd treat.  I’ve realised that I use food as my personal reward,  as a form of relaxation and to cheer myself up (so for everything then).  I also love good food in all forms – healthy,  unhealthy and anywhere in between!  I can control my own urges, but I struggle to day no when someone offers me something nice or if it’s on offer like at a buffet or meeting.   For example, we had a team meeting at work and I’d had breakfast and usually wouldn’t rest again until lunchtime,  they had croissants on offer and at first I resisted but eventually gave in and had 2, then also had lunch (I know,  I know).

Using the Slimpod Gold programme

Part of this journey I’m on is my continuous review of the Slimpod Gold programme,  I’m about to enter week 4 of a 12 week period.   I’ve been listening religiously every night before bed,  I’ve stopped doing it when I’m ready to go to sleep and instead do it when I first get into bed and it’s on in the background while I watch TV or read on my phone.  I was convinced at one point they’d updated it, because I swore the words were different and they made it longer – apparently not,  but they say that the subconscious recognises different things all the time.  The key is repetition.  The daily positive log has been difficult this past week,  I’ve struggled to see the positives,  this is something I need to work on.   I sometimes only put one thing down but that’s better than nothing.  What I have found very useful is the support you get with it, the founder of Slimpod,  Sandra Roycroft-Davis.  She sends regular emails which are not sales emails (you’ve already signed up), they are short and to the point and contain motivational quotes, suggestions and encouragement.   I admit I don’t read them all word for word but I find it’s like having a mentor on your side.   My favourite so far has been a quote from Audrey Hepburn that really inspired me on many levels.

audrey hepburn quote nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible

[Tweet “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible –Audrey Hepburn”]

I’m also in two Facebook groups, one for the bloggers taking part in the programme and one for anyone using slimpod.  It’s great to chat with people going through the same thing and to compare notes,  successes and failures.  Sandra will often answer queries on Facebook or Twitter – I think she occasionally has some time off!


I’ve failed in one objective from my last post,  which was to do a youtube exercise video,  but last week I did walk to my playgroup and back with a friend who is a runner and a great motivator.  She is encouraging me to jog it next time!


I am noticing that I’m making slightly healthier choices,  particularly when I’m at work and buying lunch.  I don’t get as starving hungry as I used to.  When I do get to that starving point which I try not to, it’s tempting to then have a pig out,  I still get that urge to eat everything in sight but I find I’m getting more satisfied on less.  My wine consumption seems to have decreased slightly,  I’m not taking my unfinished glass up to bed anymore (shame on me) and I will stop after one glass a lot more.   I went food shopping and managed to resist buying lots of chocolate, I did buy some but smaller bars (gotta start somewhere!).   Slip ups – had a McDonald’s and of course,  the croissants.  I blame the supermarkets,  when I go in they pipe the smell of pecan plaits out to torment me….

Weight and inch loss

What’s disappointing is that it seems to be making zero difference to my weight, BUT interestingly I seem to have lost 4cm from my waist and 10cm from my hips – progress!

Well, I’m spurred on to continue, and I’m heading into phase two this week.   January’s almost over,  how are you getting on with your resolutions?   Stay on track with me, we can do it!

weight loss the easy way no diet

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