6 Time Management Tips As A Parent And Boss

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Do you ever wonder how some parents juggle a successful business and an equally successful home life? Where being a boss incorporates you to change hats from being a leader, inspirer, public speaker and even sometimes a counsellor to your colleagues. With being a parent baring similarities to being the boss, such as the fluctuation of roles between being a nurse, a cook, a cleaner and a comforter.

You might be at your wit’s end wondering how one keeps their sanity while juggling multiple tasks daily. From dirty washing to completing a presentation to getting the children bathed and ready for school the next day? Fear not, there is a solution, you can be a parent and have a successful career or business.

When you’re at the brink of thinking that you couldn’t possibly have any more energy or time left in the day to spare, you may be right. But this is usually as a result of what you’ve been doing during the day. The motto to follow here is to work smarter not harder as both a boss and parent, to improve efficiency, devise a routine that works and maintain a healthy balance between work and home life.

Can we be successful parents and entrepreneurs? Yes. We. Can. It just takes some time and organisation. Here are a few tips to implement into your life as a boss and parent, to help you get organised.

Business Life

Hiring People Who Smarter Than You

Initially, for those starting up a business, it’s easy to fall under the impression that you are much better at doing a task yourself, to save on money and to make sure it’s completed to the highest standard. However, attempting to continue this process could be detrimental to its progress. To manage your business efficiently, one of the critical things you should be doing is delegating tasks to others, especially if it’s to those who are better at a specific job than you are. This will free up more of your time to focus on the tasks that require your attention.

For example, an online business may attempt to manage their own social media, Google Adwords campaign, cold pitching to new clients and their accounts while also trying to do the specific job they get paid for. Whether you’re a web designer, e-commerce store or SEO marketing company, attempting to do everything yourself will lead you to become overworked. Being bogged down with the details is unnecessary when you could have hired or outsourced work to someone else to complete.

Scheduling Apps

One of the top benefits of the digital world is the ever-increasing possibility to manage your business on the go, without the need for your consistent physical presence. With various apps on the market competing for you to try their organisation apps for your business, you should experiment using a few apps to see what works best for you and your company. See https://getsling.com/blog/work-schedule/ for a look into working out a better schedule to suit the demands of your business. Sling, in particular, is an app for business owners, which gives you the ability to manage employee work shifts, schedules, and tasks.

Finding and using the right apps for your business will help you to manage your time more effectively, by simplifying and combining time-consuming processes into one simple app.

Collaborative Projects

Using packages such as Open Office or Microsoft office can be difficult when you are trying to work as a team on a presentation, business plan, or pitch. In comparison, Google Docs is accessible anywhere online for you and other members of your team to view the same document in real time, with the ability to edit and make notes. Further to this, it enables you as the boss to keep an eye on the progress of a project. Using software which is kind to collaborative projects will help save time and improve efficiency for your business.

Home Life

Entrance Efficiency

The hallway to the doorway should be the one stop shop for all things necessary to kit you and the children up for taking on the day. To save the kids from stampeding up and down the stairs shouting that they can’t find one of their shoes, or their coat is still wet from the wash, make the hallway the home to all things necessary to leave or enter the house. You could create child height hooks for the kids to hang coats and hang backpacks and PE kits.

If you have a console table, add a storage tray to keep plant the mail and keep it one spot. This will help those passing through the door to put the post away in one place.

Making a point of having everything ready by the entrance the night before work and school, will make for easier exits and prevent the hustle and bustle of scurrying around in the morning like headless chickens hunting for possessions.

Meal Planning

Save time agonising over making complicated meals for dinner in the busiest times of the week, and keep it simple with staple meals planned a week, or even two weeks ahead.

Other time-consuming factors that tag along with mealtime are: having to head to the supermarket on multiple occasions to pick up items missing for the meals you have decided to make and spending time daily thinking about what to have for dinner. Which is why a weekly or fortnightly shop will do the trick together all the ingredients needed in one go. Equally, refrain from agonising over what to eat every day for the next two weeks by keeping a list of easy to cook meals with the ingredients next to it in an accessible place in the kitchen. Forward planning meals is another tried and tested task to improve time management and even help with household spending.

Delegate Tasks

As parents, we naturally take on too much for a whole list of reasons, some are less valid than others. Such as, we believe we can complete the task best, we’ll do it quicker, we don’t have the time to teach the other half or kids how to do it, we feel guilty asking other family members to do tasks, and the list of reasons conspiring against you asking for help goes on. But it’s time to stop with the thinking and start with the delegating.

Much like in business, you can’t do every single task if you want the company to flourish. Equally, you can’t commit to every single job at home without asking for help. Whether it’s pride or guilt standing in your way, it needs to step aside and make way for a plan which allocates tasks to everyone in the house for everything to function as it should. Which means, whether someone is allocated to do the washing up, ironing or picking up dog poop in the back garden, it has to be done, and not just by you. Take note that everyone has their own way of doing things, so maybe your fiance doesn’t clean the car to your standard, but he’s mopped up the baby sick which was making that god awful smell and hoovered the dog hair off the seats, which will suffice.

If the house duties are overwhelming even with the help of your family troopers and if finances allow, hire help. This can take the form of a cleaner, gardener, nanny or window cleaner. If maintaining and cleaning the house after parenting and being the boss for the day doesn’t float your boat, outsource it to someone who probably has the time and energy to do it.  Subsequently, giving yourself back time to spend with family, friends, let your hair down or have some much needed you time to fill up your well of well-being and energy to better take on the next day.

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November 13, 2018
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