Top Ideas to Spend “Me Time” for Mums

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Entering motherhood is one of the most joyful moments in a woman’s life. The feeling of being able to pop out a tiny cute little human being who looks up to your for all his needs is overwhelming in many ways. Although the kids are adorable and beautiful, they bring a lot of responsibilities and pressure from their parents, especially mothers. Other than the standard set of duties that the baby brings with himself, most new mothers also struggle with a physical and chemical process that their body undergoes, the change in their lifestyles, lack of sleep and in many cases nutritional deficiency. All these factors add up to mental health issues among women.

It is true that mothers are responsible for raising kids, but it is also important to remember that only a happy and healthy child needs his mum to be happy above anything else. The worst thing you can do is to scream over a few months old munchkins just because you were too frustrated or you have not been able to relax ever since you have given birth. For this reason, a “me-time” is extremely important for mums for their mental health.

The term me-time refers to a particular time slot that mothers dedicate it to their self for the sake of taking a break from the usual routine. This is very important as it helps to neutralize the level of frustration that usually builds up inside a mother. Your definition of relaxing during me-time could range from browsing through your Facebook news feed while your baby sleeps to watching a movie or experimenting on a new cuisine.

It is entirely up to you to decide how you want to spend your me time, but the best way would be an activity that is not only relaxing but is also productive in some ways. Here are a few great ways to spend your “me-time” while your baby sleep or someone can babysitting them,

Spa Treat

One of the best ways in which you can spend your “me time” is getting yourself pampered at a spa. Choose a good bath, and pamper your body with some relaxing therapies such as body massage, foot massage or even manicure and pedicure, These spa treats are amazingly relaxing and will help rejuvenate your veins and muscles; At the same time, they will help to keep your physical appearance on point.

Watch a Movie

The best part of this idea is that it does not require you to go out and leave your baby behind unless you plan to watch a movie at a cinema. If you have someone reliable to have, your baby babysit, then by all means go and listen to your favourite flick on the big screen. If not, you can still enjoy a great movie while your baby naps. Just microwave some popcorn, order pizzas and put in your favourite movie. Make sure whatever you watch does not have anything harmful or emotionally toxic in the film – feel good only.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most fantastic stress busters in the world. They will not refresh you mentally, but they also help in sharpening your memory. If you are a board game freak, you will love to spend hours in solving puzzles. It can be challenging to hoard puzzles physically in your living space. In that case, you can find some free jigsaw puzzles online and enjoy solving problems for hours without worrying about the baby during this time.


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July 16, 2018
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