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Off Grid seems to be a bit of a buzzword bandied about recently, whether you just feel like you want to get away from it all and have a total digital detox, or whether you favour a more permanent move and live totally off grid, it’s something in the forefront of a lot of our minds at the moment. Living away from it all sometimes seems like paradise, but I know I couldn’t live without my smartphone, laptop and broadband. Oh and TV. They all go without saying. They’re part of my friends and family network, or at least they feel that way! Apart from friends and family, they would be top, but what else would I miss? I’ve teamed up with Flogas to explore the concept of living remotely.


This picture looks so idyllic and tempting right now, I can just picture the little log cabin off to the side *wanders off to google remote cottages…* OK I’m back in the room. Flogas conducted a survey of 910 Britains to find out their opinions on living remotely. They found that 85% of people have, like me at some point, considered moving away from the city to live “off-grid.” What would I miss?

Running water would definitely be missed, if it was that remote. Whenever I think of remote I think of cold and if I had to get water from a well or something, that just sounds too cold. When I’ve been househunting it kind of put me off if the house wasn’t connected to the mains gas or electric, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. The words ‘cess pit’ were always a bit frightening. If I had to, I could live without gas if we had a fireplace, especially a stove that heats the house. I’m dreaming of that log cabin again! I think I could cope with wrestling a gas canister though for the right property. We have a gas barbecue, how hard could it be? Electricity would be a must, as I’m scared of the dark, and I think I’d get terrified a lot relying on naked flames. Then again, if I had enough money to sustain ourselves then I could live without internet. Probably. I’d have to have a good supply of books and craft supplies to keep me busy and lots of stationery and journals to write in. I’d miss the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities, and even the busy huddle of a village. I like having neighbours and feeling part of a community. The convenience element would be an issue, no supermarket deliveries, postman or popping to the shop because I’ve run out of milk. My days would look very different to how they do now.

The Key Findings of the study

Most people prioritise running water, electricity and gas for cooking and heating as top priorities, but around 8% don’t see them as a priority at all in a remote area.

  • 80% of respondents think that living in a remote area would suit them.
  • Almost half of respondents would miss their smartphone within a week!
  • Running water was voted as the most important service, followed closely by gas and electricity.
  • Men were found to have more of an urge to break away from society than women (34% of men vs. 28% of women).
  • An impressive 77% of people are confident of their abilities to change a gas canister.
  • Gas is a high priority for 64% of people.
  • 25% of people are confident of their ability to self-sustain, ranking a local shop as a low priority when living in isolation.
  • 25% of millennials often want to get away from society

I think the romantic ideals of living remotely are outweighed by my practical side, we’ve hankered after village life and an idyllic little cottage somewhere and I imagine when we retire you’ll find us in just such a setting with logs crackling on the fire. Until then, I’ll be dreaming of my log cabin. With good insulation. What would you miss if you lived off grid? Tell me in the comments or Tag me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #IWouldMiss.


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November 9, 2016
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