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Holiday season is well underway and if you’re going anywhere with a baby or toddler you know they seem to need more than their own suitcase to travel with. If you’ve never travelled further than your local shops with your little one, what are the essential tips from mums who know? From my experience and some research conducted by Reviews Bee, we’ve come up with some toddler travel tips to ease the journey. It will never be easy, but your little one shouldn’t prevent you from going anywhere you want. They’re pretty adaptable at a young age, and as long as you’re there, they’ll be happy.

Take plenty of Snacks and Drink

If you’re flying there may be some restrictions, but check with your airline. Keep them hydrated and well fed and that’s half the battle. In the car on long journeys you need plenty of food and drink to keep them going but try not to get into the habit of too many sweets (I’ve learnt this the hard way).

Don’t forget the transportation

You can take a smaller stroller for the holiday but you will need it. In the heat and lots of activities, the stroller will be your friend. Also it can act as a trolley for all the things you have to carry around with you. A sling or backpack carrier will be handy for those younger toddlers and babies for those hard to access areas like beaches and forests. We once lugged a buggy all the way down to a cove, I’ve no idea why! The journey back up was horrendous. Have a think about what you’ll be doing during the day and plan accordingly. The ultimate in space saving is a car seat that converts to a buggy direct, or one of those strollers that folds down really small. My babyjogger buggy is really compact (you can see my review and video demo here). If you travel by plane a lot with a small baby, there’s a gizmo for that! The Flyebaby, it seems a good idea and would save you holding baby in your lap.

Keep them occupied

Toddlers have a short attention span, but keep in mind their favourite things to play with. Take a few select toys, make your own ‘Busy bags’ by filling a back pack specially for the trip with some snacks, books, toys and games. If you can travel next to them it makes it a lot easier. Singing and playing travel games also helps. Finding a red car, playing a treasure hunt game are fun ways to pass the time. Invest in some kids music and grin and bear it!

Take more than you need

In a grab bag, take more nappies, wipes, hand gel, spare clothes and water than you think you need. You never know when that poonami will strike or that throw-up of epic proportions and all the clothes are in the air plane hold. Maybe a spare change of top for you too! Tissues, always tissues.

Utilise their nap times

If they’re still having a nap, then try and plan the bulk of the travel around that. They’ll fall asleep easily in the car or plane around their normal sleep time (that’s the plan) and it takes the pressure of you entertaining.

Get everything travel sized

You can get pop up tents for them to sleep in, a portable high chair, fold away baths and all manner of gadgets for travelling to cut down on the amount of luggage you have. You may not need it all, and where you’re staying may have adequate facilities or equipment for hire, so don’t feel like you have to take the kitchen sink with you.

The Electronic babysitter

How I would have loved to watch a film in the car when I was a kid! These days a portable DVD player or tablet with cartoons on can be a godsend when you’ve run out of energy to entertain.

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    Some great tips here. We’re venturing from Yorkshire down to East Anglia this summer, so your tips for car travel will come in very handy.

    July 20, 2017 at 7:48 pm
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