Traversing Through A Rough Patch In Marriage

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It’s not the most romantic thing to think about when you’re getting married but, deep down everyone knows there will be times when you regret being with your partner. There are going to be arguments and fights, but if you love someone then you will see them through and focus on the things that made you like the other person. It’s a compromise that we know we have to make in order to be with someone long-term. And, isn’t that what marriage is about in the end, being with someone long-term so you have raised children and perhaps build a better life together. The eventual buildup of tension makes these things seem distant and unimportant. Going through a rough patch is something normal in a relationship but it’s prudent to know when the argument or fights are simply abnormal. The more and more you look into it, you could find that perhaps you’re on the wrong path. But better to try and work things out before you make an existential decision.

Is it you?

Could the recent or long-standing tensions in your relationship be in your mind? All couples go through troubles but what could be the reason for the fighting with your partner? Have you changed since you met this person? Could you be wound a little tight because of other stress, such as from your job, the children, a fracas with friends or just general things that test your temper? It’s important to not blame yourself, but to instead really scrutinize the reasons for your unhappiness in the marriage. Maybe your partner has always been a bit annoying, controlling or somehow gets on your nerves, but only now you’re beginning to see it.

Does talking along help?

They say that when you have an issue that is troubling your marriage, you both need to talk about it honestly with each other. But, is just talking going to help? The short answer is, no. talking can help, but actions to amend your differences speak louder than any words can. Both of you need to make the physical effort of changing for one another, not just saying you will. Not taking actions will lead to continually seeking to talk about more and more arguments with no end or solution in sight.

Confront with confidence

When something is bothering one partner in a marriage but they’re too afraid to bring the issue up, this can lead to suffering in silence. You must have the confidence to confront your partner when they’re pushing you too far. You should take confidence that there is always a way out, by contacting Leading Divorce Solicitors that can start the motion to go your own ways. Feeling trapped can make you not bring up certain things that bother you, for fear that it could make things worse. However, you’re not beholden to anyone and speaking your mind knowing that there is a way out of a toxic marriage is very comforting.

Perhaps these days there is no such thing as a steady marriage, or at the very least they’re rare. It’s okay to have arguments and in fact quite healthy, as you both need to respect the boundaries of individual sovereignty.

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September 11, 2018
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