How To Treat Your Hair With The Respect It Deserves

How To Treat Your Hair With The Respect It Deserves

If you know you’ve been neglecting your hair and think it’s time you give your it the care it deserves, here’s how you can do just that.

Don’t wash your hair every day

We have wonderful natural oils in our hair, and depending on your hair type, the amount of the oil will vary. If you are from Caribbean descent, you may only have to wash once a week because your hair will take a lot longer to get greasy. – If you wash daily, you will be removing all that goodness that we need to hydrate it, so stick to washing around 2 to 3 times a week.

Sulfate free washes

You know when you wash your hair with shampoo, and it lathers up into a cloud of foam? This is because of sulfate, and it’s actually causing a chemical reaction, not a bubble of fun.

Sure, they clean away any dirt you have, but they also remove all the good oils that you want to keep. They are also the reason that your eyes sting when shampoo runs down your face. There are plenty of great shampoos and conditioners that give you a lovely clean, but leave you with all the essential oils your hair and scalp need, view the full list here on and consider swapping them with what you’re using now.

Be careful when you brush

If you have to brush your hair while it’s wet, do so with extreme care. Your hair is a lot more at risk to breaking when wet because it’s at its most vulnerable phase, so only use a wide toothed comb, and always start at the ends and work your way up, otherwise, you will just create knots and it will pull and tug away at your hair. If you do notice your hair falling out – don’t stress, it’s normal to lose around 100 to 150 strands every day!

Avoid hair dyes

You should all be aware by now of what the damage hair colouring has – especially if you already suffer from dry, damaged hair. But there comes a time where you may get bored, and really want a lighter shade to follow the seasons. Luckily for you, there are a few different things you can do to lighten your hair using all natural products you have in your home, like honey, lemon or chamomile tea. You can find more ways of doing this on

Whether your spritz, wash or scrub your hair with it is your choice, but do this regularly and you’ll see a difference.

Deep conditioning

Conditioner is the key to greater hair. It makes it soft, silky, shiny and smooth, and that’s all we could as for in our hair. Although you may condition for a couple minutes after shampooing – you should give yourself a deep conditioning once a week. This means coating your towel dried hair in conditioner and very gently combing it through to ensure it has been evenly distributed throughout. Then clip it up and put a shower cap over your head – this is so the heat from your scalp keeps everything soft and contained in that one area. Leave it on from anywhere from an hour to all night. – Wake up, wash it out and enjoy the results.


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