Unique Ways To Become A Nurse

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Got your heart set on becoming a nurse? The most common route is to take a three year course at a university – but for those that may not want to pursue higher education or have other commitments in the way, there are other routes to consider. Here are just a few other option for those wanting to get into nursing.

Become a nursing assistant

In many cases, becoming a nursing assistant requires no degree. They’re also known as Health Care Assistants, or Nursing Aides, and they form an invaluable part of the team. Whilst you won’t have the same responsibilities as a nurse, you’ll still be working in a medical environment and attending to the care of patients. This could be an option for those that are eager to get into the field. It may also serve as a valuable piece of experience if you ever do choose to do a nursing degree and then pursue a career as a fully-qualified nurse.

Become an ultrasound technician

Some roles around the hospital such as an ultrasound technician do not require a nursing degree and could be another option. In these roles, you will still be caring for patients and helping with diagnoses. There are other jobs around the hospital that similarly don’t require a nursing degree such as porter work, paramedic work and maternity care – whilst these roles don’t have the same duties as a nurse, they could still be alternative options to consider.

Do an online course

If commitments such as family or other jobs are a reason for not wanting to do a nursing degree, you could still get the qualification you need by considering online nursing courses. These can be completed from your computer at home in your own time. Such options are becoming increasingly more popular for those wanting to up their credentials.

Consider an apprenticeship

Nursing apprenticeships have recently been introduced as a way of learning on the job. You get paid a small income whilst on an apprenticeship scheme and are likely to be guaranteed a full-time job at the end. This could be another option for people that want to get into this trade but can’t afford the student fees.

Work abroad

Another option could be to work abroad. In most countries, you’ll still need higher education to get hired as a nurse and you’ll also have to consider visa costs. However, you may be able to take on more responsibilities as a nursing assistant. There may also be internships and access courses in other countries that aren’t available in your own country. If anything, working abroad in a hospital or local doctor’s surgery is certain to be desirable experience on a CV and could help when pursuing a nursing career back home. If you’re thinking of working in a less developed country, be aware that there will be less protection rights in place and potentially less pay. However, it is likely to be very rewarding work.

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October 2, 2017
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