This video will change the way you see parenting and give you all the feels

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I stumbled across this video the other day on Facebook. It’s recently been the US Mother’s day, so there have been lots of Mother’s day inspired videos and memes floating about. At first it looked like a typical day in the life video, the Father comes home and asks his wife how her day was: a tired Mother going about her daily routine. There’s dirty nappies, noise, housework and general drudgery, thwarted by babies and toddlers. Nothing different there, we can all relate to that! Then you see the day from the child’s perspective. It totally changes things around, showing all those other moments we forget to think about – the laughter, the happiness and unconditional love you get. It really helped me see things differently. My little girl, who’s 6 often says things like ‘This is the best day ever!’ and it’s just been a normal day. For you it may not have been, it could have been boring, frustrating and exhausting. But for them, there were new sensations, experiences, laughter, and above all, you. You are their world, their protector, provider, advocate and entertainer. You are not a servant and you have the most important job right now. Watch the video and I defy you not to be moved!

So next time you’re feeling a bit down or frustrated about the seemingly thankless task of Motherhood, keep in mind the other side of the coin.


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May 25, 2017
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