Viraltag Scheduler Review vs Buffer, Boardbooster, Tailwind, Hiplayapp

Viraltag Scheduler Review vs Buffer, Boardbooster, Tailwind, Hiplayapp

One for bloggers and business owners who use social media. I’ve been trialing Viraltag for the last 6 weeks, it’s a new social media scheduler. It’s not free, although if you’re a blogger there is scope to get 1-6 months free trial in return for a review.

What does Viraltag offer?

Well you can schedule your social media all in one place, they offer Twitter, Facebook profile, Facebook Page (not groups), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Like other Instagram schedulers, you can only set up the photo and it will remind you when to post it via an app on your phone, it can’t post directly to Instagram. The others all work well, and the feature I do like, is that any post you schedule has the option to be set up as Evergreen. That means it will be posted again and again whenever there’s an empty schedule slot. You need to choose wisely, otherwise you’ll be spamming your social media of choice with the same few things over and over, but if you set it up right with the right number of posts it can work really well. You can also set it to not repeat over a set period, I’ve set mine to not repeat until after 7 days.


You can also use the explore tab to share others content and to your accounts. It’s a good idea to share a mixture of your own content and others content. There are ‘circles’ which work like group boards on pinterest on various topics, you can add your content to them and also share from the circles. It’s a bit like Tailwind tribes, you get in what you put out. Viraltag gives you reports on the traffic you get from your website via your different social media accounts plus the best times to post.

Viraltag chrome extension

It’s worth adding the chrome extension for Viraltag, it makes it really easy to schedule content from around the web and from your own website really easily. Once you have it, just click the button and you get options from the images on your site like this:


Then you can choose which one you want to share. There’s a nifty feature on Viraltag that lets you choose multiple accounts to post to and then you can click on the star icon on your picture and edit or resize it to suit for example a Twitter or Facebook size. Ideally you want to create different images for each but if you have an image that can be easily cropped for each it’s perfect. This image isn’t great but I’ve cropped it for Twitter and made it Evergreen as it’s been a really You can see the other accounts greyed out, and also Pinterest has the option to choose which board to post to.


All in all it’s a good all round tool. I do like Buffer though, I use the awesome plan which is just under ¬£10 a month and it allows me to schedule up to 100 posts at a time, plus I can schedule to Facebook Groups and can have 10 social accounts, a social media calendar and Pinterest scheduling. I combine it with Hiplayapp, which lets me have any post from buffer as evergreen if I want to, which keeps my content rolling through twitter without any effort. I upload all my posts to buffer, then Hiplayapp does the rest.

Viraltag vs Boardbooster vs Tailwind

One day I live in hope that one site will do everything I need. If anyone is reading this that has the answer that doesn’t cost the earth let me know. What I ¬†need is:

  • A bulk CSV uploader
  • Get image from URL
  • The option to make posts evergreen
  • Spaces out content at optimum times
  • Option to resize images
  • No limits on numbers of posts
  • Groups with simple categories that anyone can join
  • All social networks covered

In the mean time I remain on more than one schedule site. I use Boardbooster as a scheduler so I can schedule from Pinterest itself plus my own content (from source or from tailwind) and the looping function is just awesome. I can also schedule my content to go to all my group boards over a period of time. Then Tailwind is used for the tribes, my reach has really grown and my repin rate has gone up, I’ve discovered a whole new US audience that now competes with my UK one – Hi y’all from the US! I use the tailwind chrome extension both from my website and direct from pinterest, then I can post to all the tribes and schedule the other tribe content to my boardbooster boards which schedules it for me – are you keeping up? I use Buffer and Hiplayapp for Twitter and Facebook groups, and the Facebook in app scheduler for page updates if not in real time. Oh, and there’s also IFTT (If this then that) which posts my Instagram content to Twitter with a picture, my Facebook page and my Facebook page updates to my LinkedIn. I also use Tweetily as a plugin directly from my website which tweets out posts at random unless I’ve excluded them and I’ve set that for every 12 hours. Phew! IFTT is free but I pay for Boardbooster, Buffer, Hiplayapp and Tailwind, although my affiliate revenue from Tailwind is paying for itself at the moment. I do think they’re all worth it, but if one came along that did the job of all of them I’d gladly change. As far as Viraltag goes, as a Pinterest scheduler it does what it says and I like the evergreen option and circles, but it could do more to cover all bases.

What’s your favourite scheduler of choice? Is there a magic one that does everything? Please let me know!


Disclosure: I received a 6 month trial of Viraltag for free for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Sarah Jane
    January 26, 2018 / 11:07 am

    I have used a few of the tools available online for managing my Pins but still, I had to be there online and onsite all the time watching out and frankly, I did not have that much liberty at the time. So I decided to look for the permanent fix and checked at and believe you me, I have not worried a bit about my schedules and pins after that as it does the work for me by crawling in my webpage and automatically detecting the content to be pinned thereby adding more followers to my page.
    It allows me to add as many Pinterest account as I want. So I can manage any number of acocunts and transfer days between them. Another amazing feature of this web service is that it is totally running on the cloud and even accessible through my mobile phone and that is exactly what makes it so quick and easy to access and use…

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