Ways to Tighten Your Skin Without Resorting to Surgery

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It’s inevitable that we get older and show our age. I don’t think I’d ever resort to surgery, but I’m all for natural ways and non surgical pick me ups. Remember when I got microdermabrasion? It’s perfectly normal to want to take any measures necessary to smooth out your skin as fast as you can once you start to notice wrinkles and saggy skin. The most obvious choice for a quick fix is surgery. However, having surgery to get rid of wrinkles can be painful and risky. You also have to consider the expense involved and the time it takes to prepare for and recover from a surgical procedure. If you are not prepared for such inconveniences, risks and expenses, non-surgical skin tightening methods may be the more logical option.

There are several ways to tighten loose skin and get rid of stretchmarks without surgery. The skin care industry is also constantly developing new techniques to reverse the wrinkles and sags associated with ageing. Choosing between them can be challenging. However, educating yourself about each procedure can help you make a final choice between them all.

Cosmetic Lasers for Tighter, Smoother Looking Skin

Among the most popular forms of non-surgical skin tightening is laser treatment. I’m no stranger to laser treatment as I’ve had a tattoo removed. In fact, skincare clinicians have used aesthetic lasers with great results in terms of wrinkle reduction. Some lasers can be used to perform “peel” procedures revealing healthy skin by removing dead skin cells. Often, that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Others can be used to encourage wrinkles and sags to heal from the inside by getting your body to make more skin-strengthening substances, like collagen. They can also encourage existing deposits of those substances to pull closer together, smoothing out the skin.

The important thing to understand about lasers is they vary quite a bit. Some are definitely stronger than others. Also, some can impact the outer layer of your skin. They are known as ablative lasers. Others bypass the outer layer entirely but can make significant improvements to lower skin layers. They are called non-ablative laser devices. When choosing a laser for skin tightening, you must consult your clinician to make sure the device you choose is ideal for your skin type and needs.

Making Your Skin Tighter with Ultrasound Treatments

Another option you have to help you achieve tighter skin is to undergo ultrasound therapy at your local skincare clinic. Ultrasound is a type of sound wave treatment. The particular sound waves used are able to penetrate multiple layers of skin. They cause changes within skin cells that trigger natural restorative processes within the body. After treatment, your body is likely to produce more collagen, which will help your skin cells mesh more tightly together. During treatment, you may have some discomfort. If so, tell your technician. He or she should be able to use topical numbing agents to make you more comfortable.

Radio Frequency Treatments to Tighten Loose Skin

Another type of sound wave procedure you can have is radio frequency treatment, sometimes known in the industry as Thermage. Thermage treatments are similar to ultrasound therapy in that they are capable of causing skin cells to pull closer together over time. By reducing the space between individual cells, the skin as a whole develops a smoother, tighter appearance.

Making a Final Skin Tightening Choice

When debating the use of non-surgical skin treatments to smooth out your wrinkles and sags, you must keep one thing in mind. The treatments above and similar procedures are best for treating minor to moderate cases. If your sagging skin has already reached the severe stage, surgery may be the most logical choice to correct the problem. But, if you are a good candidate for them, the procedures above can be great methods to improve the appearance of your skin in a cost-effective way. Or you can accept gravity and nature and go with it, it’s totally up to you.

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