What matters to me most this Christmas

What matters to me most this Christmas

What I love about Christmas

I love Christmas, I love winter, there’s nothing better for me than being indoors and cosy. The twinkling lights, candles, family, food, giving and fuzzy feelings all combine to make it my favourite time of year. Once it gets dark so early I can’t wait to see all the Christmas lights, and I swear I’m going to have a car accident one year whilst craning to see some of the spectacular light displays people put on now. One house on one of my regular routes has a giant snowman which is actually The Snowman of Raymond Briggs fame, and he’s animated, he doffs his hat at you as you drive past. They have all manner of animatronics, lights and LEDs, it’s truly impressive. We sometimes detour and drive around to see the displays.


I love the shopping, who doesn’t like an excuse to go shopping, to pore online over the latest toys, gadgets, food and not to mention the dresses and shoes. I like to grab bits and pieces whilst I’m on the supermarket shop which are great for stocking fillers and often when it comes down to the wrapping, I’ve forgotten what I’ve already bought! Online shopping has made things easier, especially when there’s something specific you need, rather than trawling round the shops you can just get it all delivered straight to you. You can create wishlists, read gift guides and compare prices to your hearts content. Physical shopping is fun too, with all the decorations, music and panicked buyers around you! I like feeling like I’ve got a bit of a bargain when I go shopping late in December and they’ve slashed some of the prices. There’s nothing like seeing whats on offer and touching it plus you get introduced to things you wouldn’t normally see.

It’s a wrap

Then there’s the wrapping, I swear each year I’m going to do it early and sometimes I’ve succeeded, but there always seems to be a fair amount to wrap on Christmas Eve. It’s a mammoth task, especially with three children! I always think I’m going to be super creative with the wrapping, I have a Pinterest board with loads of ideas on it, but sometimes the best laid plans all go out the window when you’re time poor. I do already have my wrapping paper and gift tags though, so that’s one thing off the list.

Self Care at Christmas

I’m really going to take some time off at Christmas (well that’s the plan), I’ve been working so hard on the blog this year and it’s paid off, but when you work from home and social media is part of your work, it’s hard to stop. I’m going to aim for at least 2 days of not working on it and some dedicated time off.


We’re going to my parent’s house for Christmas Day, but my husband still wants to have a turkey and cook it here so we can have left overs on boxing day. I don’t mind, as long as I’m not doing it! I love baking and cooking but on my own terms. I get excited about being able to eat when I want and stuffing my face. ‘Cheese’ becomes an option for tea, and chocolate boxes are a plenty. The children always get a clementine from Father Christmas, along with some chocolate coins. Food has always meant love and happiness for me, and it does for my children too. It may be why I carry a few extra pounds!


This year I’m able to spend Christmas with my brother and his family, which is the first time in a few years, I’m really looking forward to it. We’re also going to be meeting up with the other cousins at RHS Wisley again, they have their Christmas illuminations which I’m sure won’t disappoint. It’s always bittersweet at Christmas, I always spare a thought for Amy, but I don’t dwell on what might have been. We go to the children’s hospice, Demelza House where she died and was so well looked after for respite, for a Christmas candlelight service. It’s held every year for bereaved families. We didn’t go last year but we’re going this year, I hope to introduce Daniel to the tradition. During the service the children are taken off to make their own decorations and it’s a time for the parents to reflect. It’s these little things I really appreciate them doing. Then, the children come back and place their decorations on the tree. We all lay a candle on the altar. They give us decorations for our tree and it’s just a nice way of keeping her memory alive. I am looking forward to Daniel seeing what Christmas is all about and getting the hang of opening presents, hopefully just his!


I’m not religious so we don’t go to church, but I do love carols and singing. I love the Kings Carols that they have on Christmas day. I used to sing in a choir at school and one day I’ll get back to it.


With the online options exploding now, TV still has it’s place. I used to get the Radio Times each year and circle what I wanted to watch or record with excitement. Nowadays, it’s different with everything on demand and the rise of YouTube. If you miss something you can catch up and not many people buying DVDs now. I still really enjoy all the Christmas specials and films. Discovering one of your favourite films is on and you still have some chocolate left is one of life’s great pleasures. If someone could just get rid of the toddler for a bit that would be great. He’s lovely, but if I sit down he wants to climb on me, whack me or drive a car over me. It’s impossible.

What are you looking forward to this Christmas?

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