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Some would say I have enough going on in my life, I work as a Midwife three days a week, I have three young children, a house that needs loads doing to it and I blog.  Initially I wanted to share my knowledge of all things maternity, I feel women have lost their network of other women, their ‘village’ or ‘tribe,’ we don’t grow up around birth and babies so for some it comes as a huge culture shock when they suddenly have a newborn.  I pretty quickly discovered a huge community of bloggers and loved every aspect of it, so much so that I am turning professional.  I’ll always be a midwife first and a blogger second but combining the two is my passion.  I’m a mother myself to 3 children: W aged 6, P aged 4 and D aged 10 months.  My own parenting journey has been an interesting one and I now feel at a place where I feel comfortable in my parenting style.  I am passionate about helping women through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding (or any way you choose to feed).  I hope to provide some useful information in this blog, plus some funny stories, bits about my family life and projects.  I welcome questions, especially ones you’re too embarrassed to ask!

Please feel free to contact me if with any questions, issues you’d like to see covered or if you’d like to work with me.

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Jenny aka Midwife and Life x

Sharing is caring!

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