How To Work Effectively From Your Family Home

How To Work Effectively From Your Family Home

Working from home is a dream for a lot of mums. What could be better than fitting your life around your kids? Whether you start blogging, or become a long-distance PA (or VA as it’s known – virtual assistant), it could be the perfect solution to your problems. But, thinking that a work from home life will be problem-free would be naive. Though it does seem ideal, there are still things you need to work around. If you let things slide, you’ll soon start losing money. If that happens, you may have to face the reality of returning to employment. To make sure that’s not the case, come up with a plan that allows you to get down to business, even when your family is around.

Plan Your Time

Planning your time will be a lifesaver to your work from home pursuit. This is essential for anyone taking control of their earning, but even more so for a parent. Knowing what you need to do, and when you can do it, will boost productivity. If you don’t have any real plan, you could waste an hour at your computer before you get going. And, when you’re pushed for time, an hour could make all the difference – hell even 10 minutes. With proper planning, you’ll be able to work in short bursts. For example, you could get a blog post out while your kids take their afternoon nap. You could take care of your accounts when your man gets home from work. If your children are in school, you’ll also have a clear deadline. Plan how you can get everything done by the time they get back. Then, you can enjoy the whole evening with them. This is really important, the time off part. Be realistic in what you can get done in your work time, then let it go whilst the children are there. If there’s something you really need to get done, do it when they’re in bed.

Create a Space

Having a space to work from is always important. Having a space in which you can escape from the family home mayhem even more so. You may think you’ll be okay to work with kids running all around you, but it’s not something you’ll try twice. While working from home is more relaxed, you still need to be able to concentrate. That’s why you need an office, or at least a space just for you. You also need to make it clear that you aren’t to be disturbed. Setting up office in the house means you can keep an eye on your kids if they’re young. If they’re older, though, it might be worth getting an outhouse like those found at ILikeLogCabins. The distance from the house will help you concentrate and separates your home from your work life somewhat. It’s also a sure way to avoid disturbances. And, the less of those, the faster you’ll finish!

Set Limits

A risk you may not anticipate is how easy it is to get carried away. When you work in an office, you finish at a particular time. That’s not always the case when you work from home. All too often, you’ll work long hours without even realizing it. Lunch breaks and coffee breaks become non existent. Try incorporating a set finishing time into your plan to ensure you don’t get carried away. Try not to check work emails on the weekends or evenings. At the end of the day, you chose this career and way of working so you could spend time with your family, so make sure you do.


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