Xalm Weighted Blanket Review

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It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, a weighted blanket. It’s supposed to be good for relaxing, reducing anxiety and better sleep. I’m all for that! Although does it come with a babysitter to fend off the child bed invaders? I’m thinking not. Still, it’s got to be worth a try…

I’ve heard of weighted blankets before but I’ve not seen them in action. I’ve only become aware of them in recent years, particularly for special needs children and for relieving anxiety. Turns out it’s for everybody – if you have trouble dropping off, staying asleep, or have trouble unwinding after a busy day, read on.

The Xalm weighted blanket comes with a soft minky cover which is grey, my current favourite colour and super soft. It’s double bed size so can fit two underneath, but I really like it just for me. It feels so nice, like a warm hug. It’s currently the height of summer now, but it still feels lovely. I’m looking forward to some quality naps with my xalm blanket on the sofa, and I may even use it at night.

It’s a bit crinkly, but not so much like a crisp packet, more like a tarpaulin? You can remove the cover to wash it, and they do a separate summer cover too.

My son, William (10) suffers from anxiety, and he really likes it, xalm makes him feel secure and safe. He also likes it, because it makes him feel special to have his own different blanket. It helps him ease off into sleep.

boy smiling in bed with xalm weighted blanket

How does the Xalm blanket work?

The xalm blanket works by helping your body create a natural chemical known as the “bliss molecule.” You will know it by it’s other name, our old friend Oxytocin. Once it’s released, it quickly gets to work, by lowering a racing heart rate, calming jittery nerves, reducing stress (cortisol) levels and decreasing blood pressure. At the same time, oxytocin increases confidence levels, induces feelings of optimism, boosts self-esteem and trust. It can even push up your metabolism!

Most Oxytocin is locked-up inside a pea-sized gland in your brain, and it’s only released during several specific activities, the most common of which is hugging. The problem is, it acts like a pressure gauge, and it only bursts out of the gate after 20 seconds of hugging. Now that might not seem like much, but it’s an awful long time just to move the needle from 0 to 1. 
Especially when you realise that the more of this chemical you have, the lower your anxiety levels will be, and the better you’ll feel in yourself. 
It’s hard to imagine sitting there, latched on to someone for hours every day. But a researcher called Dr T. Grandin pioneered a form of therapy that completely removes this “timing issue”

By wrapping yourself in a blanket. The xalm blanket is covered in small pockets that are each filled to the brim with tiny glass beads. By covering parts of your body with this blanket, scientists discovered that the light pressure on your skin causes the release of Oxytocin. The obvious part is, there’s no inconvenience in how long you use the blanket for. In fact, most people who use them get a double-whammy of benefits because they not only use their blankets during the day when they need them most, they tend to sleep under them too. And believe it or not, these weighted blankets have been proven to help with sleep too. Whenever you start to feel anxious, fidgety, irritable – wrap yourself in the blanket and enjoy.

Sharing is caring!

August 25, 2019
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