This Year’s Family Garden Trends Revealed


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When you picture a garden, what do you see? No doubt a big lawn, a shed, and some flower beds perhaps. But it turns out that this idyllic image of what a garden should be is actually a thing of the past. Today, people are using their gardens in all sorts of new and exciting ways. Families want more from their garden spaces. Here are some of this year’s biggest garden trends.

From Garden To Table

Many mums are concerned about the quality of the food they’re serving their kids. There’s a perception out there that fresh produce is covered in pesticides which are dangerous to health and development. Organic is great if you can afford it, but because it is, on average, 40 percent more expensive than regular fruits and veggies, many people are turning to their gardens to make their own.

Growing your own vegetables is actually a lot easier than you imagine. Plus, when you grow them on your own land, they taste so much better, since they’re picked fresh and consumed within hours. Often, carrots at the supermarket have been picked early and been sitting on a shelf for weeks before being consumed.

Meditative Spaces

For the largest part of human evolution, people lived in the great outdoors, sat around a fire or foraging in the wilderness for food. But today, we spend the majority of our lives indoors, and it’s not natural. That’s why so many families are investing in meditative and communal spaces in their gardens where they can meet, relax and talk to each other in beautiful surroundings.

The trend at the moment is towards the most natural outdoor spaces possible. People are using traditional wood furniture and other structures that mimic nature and bring harmony. Ideally, your garden space should help you to feel as if you are at one with nature.

The Garden As Somewhere You’d Like To Live

One of the reasons people don’t spend more time in their gardens is because they’re just so uncomfortable. Often, there’s no seating. And even if there is, it’s usually a cast iron set of tables and chairs – not exactly comfortable. But this year, there’s a definite trend for bringing indoor luxury to the garden. People are getting fed up with being uncomfortable outdoors, and garden furniture companies have finally realised this, offering a whole host of rattan products with superior comfort.

The great thing about this new wave of garden furniture products is that they are being used to recreate all manner of indoor furniture. It’s not just garden chairs: rattan can be made into sofas, tables, benches – pretty much anything, in fact, allowing families to get the same level of comfort they have inside outdoors.

Bespoke Plants

Daffodils and pansies are beautiful, but they’re also a bit generic. Now many families are looking for new and exciting kinds of plants to adorn their garden. As points out, bonsai trees are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their novelty value and beauty. These miniature trees really do look like their full-size cousins, but they add an element of mystique to any garden and offer a fun alternative to simple flower beds. What’s more, they’re also great for kids who are usually fascinated by their small size. My Dad had bonsais over the years and they were always a source of fascination.


Block Colours

What colour would you say your garden is? If you’ve never considered it, it’s probably hard to say. But when you think about it, your garden not having an overall colour theme is a little strange, considering that all the rooms in your house do.

The trend this year is towards using block colours: painting entire fences and exterior walls a particular colour to complement the garden itself. Bright solid colours help make the garden more attractive and brings a little extra joy to life.

You don’t have to go the whole hog, though. Just adding a pop of colour to a garden gate can really make a difference to the appearance of your garden.

Wild Gardens

This gardening trend might seem a little cheeky, but it’s true. “Wild gardens” are essentially gardens where nature is allowed to reclaim a portion of your land. Though you might think that there’s plenty of wild spaces out there for creatures, this isn’t always the case, especially in the UK. Farmers carpet the vast majority of the countryside with their crops. And though it might look pretty as you’re driving by, mono-cropping is a surefire way to destroy ecosystems and push animals to the brink of extinction.

Now eco-conscious mums and their families are doing their bit to fight back against this devastation by including small patches of wild land in their own gardens. When you leave an area wild, it’ll be filled quickly with many of the plants and animals native to your area. If you turn over a large swath of your land, you’ll hopefully have your own meadow – the perfect place for life to thrive.


Outdoor Fun Activities

Parents want their kids to get more active. But with so many people living a long way from parks, how are kids supposed to get their exercise? The answer is to use the garden according to There are all sorts of ways your garden can be utilised as a functional space to make kids more active. You could put up a badminton net, basketball hoops or cricket stumps – in fact, anything that will encourage children to leave their smartphones and get out of the house is beneficial. Try making a mud kitchen from an old table, a washing up bowl and some kids kitchen equipment. 


Veg Patches Dominate Every Nook And Cranny

Where families are planting their vegetables is also changing. They’re no longer relying on a specific place in their back gardens. Instead, vegetable patches are popping up anywhere in the home where they’re space. Increasingly, people are using parts of their front garden for vegetables and fruit trees, especially root veggies. You could also use balconies and unused vertical spaces to increase the number of places to grow food. These tips are absolutely helpful for your home at Chelsea Green.

Not only does this make your garden more functional, but it also helps you save money. What could be better than that? How do you use your garden?

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July 22, 2017
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