The 3 Key Denim Pieces Every Woman Needs

3 Key Denim pieces to stay in style that every woman needs. What's your favourite? From Jeans to skirts denim never goes out of fashion.

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Calling all fashionistas! I know we’re mums but we still have a love of clothes, fashion and looking our best when possible. I know I haven’t forgotten my passion for clothes, fabrics and colours. Getting older has just made me more comfortable with my body and I know what I like. Denim has been a fashion staple since it was invented, back in the 1800s in Nimes, France. Hence the name derived from De Nimes, meaning from Nimes. Now it’s a core item in any woman’s wardrobe. Here are the 3 key denim staples I swear by that become part of a capsule wardrobe. They’re all from the fabulousΒ Simply Be’s denim collection. (Click here for the UK site). They make clothes that aren’t just larger versions of the smaller sizes, they fit well and are flattering.


Of course blue jeans have to be on here, my favourite is the bootcut, for my pear shape they’re always the most flattering. The size of the flare goes up and down with current fashion, but it’s still in style. If you’ve got the figure for it why not wear skinny jeans? Everyone’s jeans seem to have holes in at the moment, I may be old fashioned and over 40, but I prefer mine intact. I like the way they look on the youth of today but not for me. Unless they’re wearing out and I can’t afford a new pair mine will stay classically styled. You can’t go wrong with a stretch pair with inner control.

The Denim Pencil Skirt

My favourite type of denim skirt is the pencil skirt. I think it looks so classic with woolly tights and calf length boots. You can dress it up with heels too for an evening look or baggy jumper and slouch boots. In the summer it works just as well with sandals and a T shirt.

Β The Denim Wrap Dress

I love a wrap dress, they’re so comfortable and have an easy elegance about them. They’re also great for breastfeeding πŸ˜‰ You can always wear a bandeau top underneath for discreet feeding. They’re also super flattering. Again you can dress it up or down according to the occasion.
Those are my top 3 picks of denim staples for your capsule wardrobe in any season, just adapt the accessories and you’re good to go. What’s your favourite denim fashion item?
Disclosure: I have been compensated for my time in creating this post. Contains affiliate links. All opinions are honest and my own.

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