4 Perfectly Safe Remedies for Pain in Pregnancy

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When you’re pregnant it can often seem like the world around you idealises and romanticises your pregnancy. You’re constantly told how beautiful you look, how you’re glowing and giving you vague assurances that you’re “doing so well”. While all the support is appreciated it can be extremely frustrating when people gloss over that pregnancy (as beautiful and miraculous as it doubtlessly is) can be at best uncomfortable and at worst very painful quite a lot of the time.

Pregnancy is a huge physical transition for your body and as your body reconfigures to support your baby’s growth. As such you’re likely to experience myriad aches and pains; some can be perfectly normal, others can be more serious. Pelvic pain, for example, can often be a symptom of something serious like an ectopic pregnancy and you can learn more about pelvic pain by clicking on patient.info. When you experience pregnancy related pain, it can be worrisome because as much as your body craves relief, your conscious mind knows that you wouldn’t want your pain relief to come at your baby’s expense. Here you’ll find some natural and perfectly safe remedies for pregnancy pain that will ease your pregnancy without compromising your health or the health of your baby.


Pregnant or not, everyone should practice meditation. It’s a great way of decluttering your mind and centering yourself in a time that’s inherently disruptive and chaotic. Meditation can not only bring you peace of mind and help you to control your pain but bring you a tremendous sense of connection to the tiny life growing inside you. Meditation controls your brain’s release of stress hormones helping muscle tissues to become more relaxed and pliant while increasing your tolerance for pain.

A maternity belt

Pregnancy places a tremendous amount of strain on the lower back and the pelvic girdle. This can be alleviated with the aid of a maternity belt. A maternity belt mimics the function of the core muscles by helping to support the excess weight, taking the strain off your muscles. While this can be effective, it’s still always helpful to ensure that the muscles of the abdomen and the pelvic wall are strong and pliant which brings us to…


If you’re wondering how you could be expected to stand on your left leg with your right leg up behind your ear when you can barely tie your shoes, fear not! Yoga is not quite so challenging as you might believe and there are most likely specialist prenatal and postnatal yoga classes near you. Yoga not only helps by alleviating the stress on the muscles, joints and nerves affected by pregnancy it also helps you to deal with your emotional stress and anxieties.


Acupuncture still draws wry glances in the western world but it is nonetheless an effective and scientifically proven way of managing pregnancy pain and stress. Studies have shown a positive correlation between the correct application of acupuncture and the effective treatment of back pain, morning sickness and headaches.

Any of these solutions will bring alleviation of your pain while making your pregnancy a more peaceful and joyous experience.

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February 1, 2018
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