4 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Living Room On A Budget

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Right now many families are feeling the squeeze. Incomes haven’t risen much since the great recession. And that means that many parents don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on home improvements.

But here’s the problem. Our kids and our lifestyles have left the communal spaces in our homes looking tired and drab. The carpet has lost it plushness; the walls are peeling, and the furniture is showing its age. The questions, therefore, is: what can we do to revamp our tired living rooms that won’t break the bank?

Get A Rug

The first places that your living room decor will start to show its age are the walls and floor. Carpets, in particular, tend to age poorly, especially if they are a generic beige colour, something I plan on avoiding this time as they never do well.



Here’s what to do if you’re on a budget. First off, start by shampooing the carpet to clean out all the dirt and dust that has built up over the years. You’ll be amazed at just how much dirt will come up and what a difference it will make to the colour of the carpet. You’ll soon see just how much dirt and time have changed its appearance. Next, go shopping. Look out for brightly coloured rugs. A bright rug can quickly lift the look of a room. And they don’t usually cost a fortune, unlike installing a new carpet.

Install Shutters

In Britain, we like our curtains. But while curtains are perfect for blocking out light and helping us sleep at night, they can look out of place in living rooms. A smarter, better option is to go with shutters from a firm, like S:CRAFT. Shutters allow in more light, which is good. But they also add dramatically to the aesthetic of a room. What’s more, it’s now as easy to find shutters that complement your decor as it is curtains. There are a whole range of shutter styles and colours from which you can now choose.




Lighting is one of the cheapest and best ways to revamp any interior space, not least your living room. When it comes to creating a great atmosphere, lighting is second to none. But you have to get it right. First, ask yourself whether there are any features in your living room you feel would benefit from being lit up. Perhaps you have an heirloom or a painting you’d like to make a central feature. These so-called focal points can easily be lit up with a simple wall light to maximise their impact.


Next, start experimenting with different lighting options. Yes, by all means, have a stand-alone lamp. But also consider whether your living room would benefit from recessed or pendant lighting.


Your living room is as much about comfort as it is about design. That’s why it’s so important that you pay equal attention to both. Too many living rooms are either one or the other: rarely both. A lot of the time, families fail to pay adequate attention to seating. Seating is either too formal or too laid back. Compromise by including stylish foot stools and use covers to keep chairs at their best. Accessorize with new cushion covers, throws, adding a splash of colour can jazz up your sofa without having to get a whole new suite.


This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own

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July 22, 2016
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  • Reply Sheri

    Wow, these are some really great tips and I love how the look really brings out the style of the furniture making the room look classy but like a cosy home as well. I especially love the tip about the lighting in the room. We are moving to a new home soon and I will be bookmarking this for tips to help me when putting our furniture in!

    July 24, 2016 at 6:08 pm
  • Reply Lindsey Hill

    There are many ways to revamp a room on a budget, but which is the best it is really hard to find out. Thanks for sharing this. It will definitely help.

    August 5, 2016 at 6:18 am
  • Reply zoyoyayep


    I have never seen anything like that. I love the colouring on the bedding that you used. Thanks

    January 11, 2017 at 4:29 am
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