Simple Meal Ideas for a Date Night with your Husband

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Making sure you and your other half get a date night once a month is so important when you become parents, I’ve spoken about this before when we reviewed our Datebox. It gives you time together to remember how much you love each other and what made you fall in love in the first place. It also gives you both a break from the perils of parenthood. If you can’t find a babysitter, you could have a lovely romantic meal in (children permitting). Here are some simple meal ideas to cook your hubby that he will love for date night – or even better get him to cook whilst you have a nice bubble bath!

A delicious chicken chow mein

One simple meal idea to cook for date night is a delicious chicken chow mein. It’s one of the most popular dishes people order when it comes to Chinese takeaway and one of my favourites. It doesn’t take long to cook either once you have prepped the ingredients. You can alter the recipe if you fancy making a beef or prawn chow mein instead. Here is a guide to making an easy chicken chow mein he will love. You can serve the chicken chow mein with some delicious prawn crackers, throw in some chopsticks and soy sauce so it feels like you are really at a Chinese restaurant!


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A steak dinner

All men love steak – fact. Maybe if he’s a vegetarian perhaps not, but another simple meal idea to cook your hubby for date night that he will love is a steak dinner. It will make a perfect dish to enjoy with a cheeky glass of wine, I need no excuse! You can get hold of some chuck eye steaks, or some traditional rib-eye steaks, which won’t take ages to cook, they really only need a short amount of cooking. If you want something a little bit different to steak, I have cooked Ox Cheek before, as you can read about here. Don’t forget to make some vegetables and potatoes to have a perfect steak dinner.



A seafood platter

This is another of our treats, you could also consider making a delicious seafood platter for date night that you will really enjoy. If you get pre prepared fish there’s no cooking involved, just boil the new potatoes and assemble the platter! Include fish such as king prawns, potted shrimp, tuna, smoked or fresh salmon, maybe some mussels or other shellfish, smoked mackerel, all on a plate with some brown bread and butter and a wedge of lemon. If you want to go extra special, try lobster and crab too. You can serve it with salad and potatoes so that you both have plenty to eat.  Here is a simple seafood platter that you could create for inspiration.


A deep dish pizza or calzone

Another simple meal idea to cook for date night is a delicious pizza. To make it more sumptuous than a traditional deep pan, you should go for a deep dish pizza or calzone. That way, you can fill it with delicious fillings such as meat, cheese, and peppers to make it delicious. Remember to top it off with more mozzarella to make it even more delicious. You can read this feature about creating a delicious deep dish pizza that you and your husband will approve.


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A lasagne

You should also consider making a simple lasagne for you and your husband to enjoy during date night. It doesn’t have to be beef; a lot of people are making chicken and vegetarian mince lasagne as they are healthier. Serve with some garlic bread and salad to make it even tastier.

Oven Risotto

You could always make a delicious oven risotto if you don’t want something too complicated. As it says in this article, it doesn’t need a lot of attention so you can focus on your other half! Our favourite is butternut squash risotto with deep fried sage leaves, delicious!


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