Could You Save More On Your Weekly Shop? A Quick Guide to Help you do just that!

Here's a useful guide on saving money on your weekly shop

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It seems like each week we can spend more on our weekly shopping without even realising. This is because we tend to get into habits and never change. We buy the same things; we keep to our favorite foods. Often we go into the shops not even knowing what we want to buy, or get tempted by new shiny things! But yet many of us will still moan about how much we spend and long to save those few extra pounds each week. Which is why I thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the ways you can save some extra money on the weekly shop. I hope this guide helps you.

Here's a useful guide on saving money on your weekly shop

Think about your week and plan accordingly

It may only take ten minutes on a Sunday evening, but it’s vital to have this time to look at your week. This allows you to work out the days where you have time and the ones where you are a little stuck. This is where meal planning can help you get ahead on your weekly shop. It allows you to look at the food you have in that may need using up, and then allocate yourself meals for the week. Some days you may cook, others you may turn to something quick and easy, but you are prepared. When I’ve done this in the past I save loads because often I have things in the cupboard and just need a few extra bits. The trick is to stick to it weekly, something I need to do more often!

Don’t go into the shop without being armed with a list

Once you have planned your week, a great idea would be to write a list. This means you don’t buy things you won’t need or end up wasting. A list is an essential for a strict and budget friendly shopping trip. Of course, there may be times when an offer is too good to refuse. But don’t buy things you won’t ever use and need. Offers are great for things that will last in the cupboard, such as household items – fresh stuff can end up being wasted. I often have a list but don’t look at it, a terrible habit!

Consider supermarket brand items or try alternatives

We can be quite brand loyal when we want to be. This might be down to being too scared to try an alternative or even the supermarket own brand. But this is where some of the biggest savings can be made. All you need to do is try them once and see what you think. A great idea would be to start with the supermarket brand and see how you get on. Knowing you could always change to an alternative while still saving money. It’s not always the own brands which are cheapest either, always look at the price per 100g, this will show you who’s cheapest.

Look at items you could save money on with alternative buying methods

Sometimes there are things we need to buy that can cost a fortune. Whether it happens to be weekly or a monthly purchase. Which is why sometimes it’s an excellent idea to consider other options. Take razor blades, for instance; they can cost a fortune in the shop. But buying them on a subscription service could save you a fair few pounds in the long run. The same would go for household items like dishwasher tablets, or washing liquid. Buying these in bulk online can save you a whole heap of money, sometimes from voucher sites. Do your grocery shopping online instead, you have more time and can be rational and stick to a list, you can also remove items to stick to a budget, plus they deliver it to you, bonus. Try and think outside the box when it comes to your shopping.

Be organised and strict with a budget

Finally, just being organised and offering yourself a strict budget can save you money overall. At first, it may be difficult, But like any habit you just need to give it some time. If I let things slide, we do a big shop, then lots of little ones which add up, but if we’re organised and plan more, we save loads.

Think about when and how you shop

Shopping when hungry, tired or stressed can affect what you buy. You buy more when you’re hungry, and more fattening foods, when you’re stressed or tired you may make bad decisions about what you buy. I know when I take the children I buy lots of strange things I wouldn’t normally! I shop best when on my own, with plenty of time, armed with a list and a budget. Those scanners are a good idea because you can see what you’re spending as you go along and can remove things if you’re heading over budget. If you’re getting serious about savings, shop around and consider going to more than one store for your key items.

Don’t forget the coupons

Use those loyalty vouchers and points, and any coupons you have which are for things you would buy anyway – don’t make a special purchase just because it’s got money off, that will defeat the object!

I hope this guide helps you save more money on your weekly shopping, have you got any further ideas or anything creative when it comes to saving money on groceries?

This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own.

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July 29, 2016
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