6 Gifts for Dad That He Will Love Forever

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Did someone say Father’s day is coming up? Looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life? You’ve come to the right place.

You have a great dad, or maybe your partner goes above and beyond at being a Dad and you’d love to do something special for him, like give him an extraordinary gift, one that he will never forget.

That’s what this post is about, providing you with a list of 6 gifts that we think he will love forever.

Note: It’s easy to give gifts on these types of occasions, but gift giving is something you can do anytime of the year.  So you don’t have to wait for that special occasion. Give dad a gift just because.

1.      Hobby-related gift

Maybe he does woodworking for a hobby, and he loves doing it. Get him that game-changing tool he’s wanted for some time. Or if he needs something for the allotment like my husband, help him make it happen.

But whatever his hobby is, try to find a gift that will breathe new life into it, one that will make him appreciate it – and you – even more.

2.      Something to inherit

Why not give him something he can pass down to someone? We’re not suggesting that the gift be something that could be passed on to you, but something that can be passed down to anyone in the family.

One possible gift could be a pocket watch. You could buy a recent model for a fair price. Or, you could find an older, possibly antique pocket watch. These can be very “heirloom-ish,” and definitely make a great gift for dad.

3.      Admission to a major event

Find out if there’s a concert he’d love to see but either can’t afford it or just hasn’t gotten around to going. Or maybe take him to a classic car show. Does he like fishing? Pay for him to go fishing, or for your other half, give him a day to indulge his hobbies without the children. It doesn’t have to be something big!

4.      Bucket list item

As mentioned in #3, it could be that dad won’t be around much longer, and there might be something or things he wants to do before he dies (bit morbid, but bear with me). It could be a trip, an experience – the possibilities are too many to list here, but whatever it is, and if you can, make it happen. He’s worth it.

5.      For the dad who grills

Dads have been grilling in the backyard for decades. They all love it too. It’s a part of who they are. and they take it seriously. Maybe a new smoker or grill can fit the bill for an unforgettable gift. My husband has his eye on a gas barbecue with a smoker.

6.      Being there

Sometimes dad doesn’t need a gift. He may just need you. If you live far from dad, and you haven’t seen him in a while, take some time out for him, especially if he’s older. Maybe he’s a widower and needs some company besides the neighbours.

We often take our dads for granted, but thankfully there are many ways to reverse that. We’ve covered six possible gifts for dad in this post. There could be countless possibilities, but you know your dad. If any of these are a good fit, then we’re confident that your dad will indeed love the gift – and you – forever.


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May 9, 2018
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