7 Ways To Understand Your Spiritual Path

7 Ways To Understand Your Spiritual Path

There is so much talk about finding a person’s whole self and coming from authenticity, but there are very few people who actually understand how to reach this point. We do not suddenly become a new, better version of the people we are just because we hear a good speech or read a good book.

Becoming whole is something that takes a lifetime. It’s embracing and finding your new self and forgetting what you think you are. There are seven stages when it comes to seeking your spirit self.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the various stages of your spiritual guidance and will help you create a map which reveals where you are on this journey to find your self. It will also help you figure out where you need to go next:

Losing or forgetting the connection to your spiritual self

This happens whenever you enter the world at birth. You will develop a personality which lets you adapt to your circumstances both cultural and familial. Your original self is very rarely remembered. But you do get glimpses of it at times.

There are some moments of grace that are unexpected like when people fall in love, acting instinctively instead of with fear. These are all reminders. You also get to reconnect with your essence, when your senses are moved by the world naturally.

Remembering is very important when it comes to spiritual experience and world religions

This might be prompted by thoughts, poems, luminous dreams, dramatic events, etc. or any changes or transitions. No matter the way in which you are awakened, you will always be reminded for short moments of various realms of existence that have truths of their own. These revelations usually signify the start of a journey to your true essence.

Exploring religious practices and spiritual ideas helps you move toward awareness remembering

There are many unfamiliar yet traditional forms of prayer that people participate in. They also attend numerous seminars and retreats. They explore spirituality’s revival through books or even pilgrimages to various sacred sites. The definition of the word sacred varies from one person to another, though. So check those ways.

Practicing helps us begin using rituals which keep everything in alignment with the spiritual path every day

There are certain traditions which make use of ceremonies, prayers, liturgies, meditation, etc. at specific times or places while there are others which embrace lifestyles which are a practice in themselves.

Without sufficient practice, the treasures which we find while exploring are going to lose their promise and light. With sufficient practice, the spiritual will be able to intertwine with your daily routine and will change the sense of your world and the way in which you see yourself in fundamental ways.

Shadows on a path reflect all of the obstacles which inevitably confront us as our exploration of the spiritual goes into the world of our innermost thoughts and emotions

We might feel a lot of grief for all of the times when we have lost out to some choices that are ego-driven. The shadows can even take the shape of various difficulties that are a part of our relationships with other people while we are trying to communicate the things which we discover. Our loved ones and friends might not even understand or may even feel threatened by the people who we are changing into as we start to recognize our actual nature.

Reclaiming is the stage where we start recognizing and trusting the things which have more meaning for us

At such a point, we will take hold of our lives direction both outside and in. We will work harder in order to be more honest with ourselves and the people around us. We are far more accountable for everything we do at this point. Sometimes, we might even be able to challenge other people and even ourselves with greater ease and with lesser judgment while feeling much more compassion for the human condition we have.

At the end, this is mostly about a sacred journey; the voyager will return with some hard-earned wisdom and a lot of gifts for the community. We might even find ourselves in an external circumstance as far as relationships and work are concerned, but we will also be standing on a different soil and seeing everything through different eyes.

Acceptance isn’t as much a stage as it is a condition that is woven through the stages

It’s knowledge of never completely being able to arrive that is very important during the journey of the motherhood. You will forever be on the path. You will always be forgetting, exploring, remembering, integrating, practicing, and forgetting once more.

Acknowledging this is the only way in which we will be able to accept the inevitability of lapsing to old responses and the limited perspective of a person from the past. We will be able to develop greater empathy and patience, more humor regarding our fragility, and more tolerance for the journey to find our way. This is what life is all about.

How do you start your search?

  • Ask if your soul is different from your spirit. It’s important for you to have a unique definition for these words.
  • Create a definition of the spirit for yourself. Try paying attention to the things which make the most sense to you.
  • Ask yourself how important it is to remember the person you are. What are the qualities which you consider important to be a part of your soul?
  • Look at some pictures of yourself from your childhood and reflect on your best qualities. Describe the things which you see in the body, activities, or eyes which recall the fundamental qualities of your spirit.
  • There are many familiar stories of your childhood which will teach you to leave home in order to find it. For a happy ending, you need to heal yourself and find your internal truth.

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