A day out at Peppa Pig World (Paultons Park) and the 2 new rides

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Just before half term we were lucky enough to be invited to attend a special sneaky preview of the two new rides at Peppa Pig World, part of Paultons Park in Hampshire near Southampton (UK). Peppa Pig World is expanding, and it’s a good job because it’s always been so popular. Peppa and her family are ever popular with small children everywhere and mine have been no exception. Phoebe was a great fan and Daniel loves the cheeky characters and adventures the porcine family get up to. The nuclear family they represent is mirrored in so many UK homes so it’s no wonder kids can feel the similarities when they watch the show.

Peppa Pig World lets your children immerse themselves in the show in real time. There are colourful characters and scenes from the TV show wherever you look, from Daddy pigs car to Grandpa’s train. The new rides are Grampy rabbit’s sailing boat and the Queen’s flying coach ride monorail. Both are suitable for all members of the family including babies. If you have a buggy you’ll need to leave it in the buggy park. We were very excited to try them out. I went with Daniel and I took my sister in law and her two children with us. First up was Grampy rabbit’s sailing ride, you are guided onto the round boat with open sides. It has bumpers on the side and floats gently and spins slowly around the river ride, where you can see different scenes played out, sounds emanate from the characters and there’s the odd squirt! A tunnel makes for added interest and then you glide towards the end of the ride. In all it lasts for about 5 minutes. The boat can fit four people comfortably. You can see the monorail and castle from the boat.

Next up was the Queen’s flying coach monorail ride. It is up high so if you or your little ones aren’t keen on heights bear it in mind. Again it’s suitable for all ages. You get to climb up the Queen’s castle walls which is very exciting. You get your own ‘carriage’ which fitted the five of us no problem. You get a commentary on the way round and you can see all of Peppa Pig World. The little ones loved it.

The rest of Peppa Pig world is great, you could spend a long time there but if you go at peak times be prepared for queues. My advice would be to go on a weekday that’s not in school holidays. There’s a playground with a splash area so bring swimming cossies on a warm day and a change of clothes. There’s Daddy pigs car ride, Grandpa’s train, George’s dinosaur ride, Miss Rabbit’s helicopter ride, Peppa’s balloon ride, Windy castle, Grandpa’s boat trip and a photo opportunity to meet the characters.


Don’t forget there’s the whole of the other park too which is full of accessible rides for little ones. If they’re 90cm or over (1 metre will get them on most things) there is so much to do, we didn’t do everything and could have easily spent another day there. There are some rides for older children too if you have them. I went on one of the big thrill rides and loved it! Our favourites were: the bouncy castle and trampolines, the gardens, the cat-o-pillar rollercoaster, water kingdom splash park, dinosaur encounter, tractor and train ride, percys play park and the victorian carousel. What we were really impressed with was the park’s overall cleanliness, lots of green spaces, flowers and plants everywhere and the fact that on the rides like the tractor ride they had real plants and flowers, and an allotment with real fruit and vegetables growing. This made us feel like we were having a more virtuous and natural experience as well as a theme park! There are plenty of cafes and picnic spots. You can hire a buggy if you need it. It is well laid out and so much to do. It genuinely was one of the best family days out I’ve had, we had so much fun. That may have been because I only had one child with me to focus on, the weather was warm but not too hot, I had a good friend with me, plus I got to be a big kid and go on rides! Either way, I’ll be going back for a return visit. There are plenty of good deals around, have a look out for two for one deals and package hotel deals on places like Wowcher, Groupon or Littlebird.

Have you been to Paultons Park? What were your best bits? Got a question? Ask me in the comments.


Disclosure: we received entry to the park as a gift and access to the new rides before the general public. All opinions are my own.

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    WOW is an amazing park for kids, and Amazing photography, I will be saving this and looking at it for future trips for kids!

    June 28, 2018 at 11:27 am
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