How to have an awesome family Summer

How to have an awesome family summer this year!

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Summer is a great time to plan some real family bonding time and have an amazing season with the people you love the most. In this country, you need to make the most of it when the weather is great and the sun is shining, so here are some tips to help you have the most fun this summer:

Create A Bucket List And Plan

Just before summer is a great time to make a new bucket list for the year as a family. You can write down all of the things you want to do together, both big and small. Then you can work your way through as you see fit! You can plan some things in advance if you want to make sure you definitely get them done, such as visiting a theme park or going away for the weekend. Just remember to leave some flexibility in your plan so you can have spontaneous days too. Spontaneous days can turn out to be the best days!

Make Your Home More Summery

Make your home more summery by changing a few things here and there so it feels warmer and happier. Check over appliances and things like that to make sure everything is in full working order. You especially want to make sure your AC is working, so look at air conditioning repair if you need to. You could paint a wall a new colour or swap some accessories to make it more summery if you like.  My mother in law always talks about having summer and winter curtains.

How to have an awesome family summer this year!

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Create A Summer Garden

You’ll probably spend a lot of time in the garden this summer, so make that more summery too. Get rid of weeds and prune all of your plants. Mow the lawn, add a water feature, just make it look great. You don’t have to have anything special planned to have fun in the garden this summer.


Invest In Some Summer Accessories

There are a number of summer accessories you can invest in, from garden hammocks to paddling pools. You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive days out to have fun. You can have plenty of fun at home!  My lot love their trampoline and a football.

How to have an awesome family summer this year!

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Make Simple Things Fun

Make the simple things lots of fun too. Get the kids involved in gardening and making it look nice. You can even let them help with washing the car. It’s also the perfect opportunity to start a water fight. Making the simple things fun will make this summer a memorable one!


Be Prepared For Rainy Days


Be prepared for rainy days this summer too. Have a stack of films and maybe some picnic accessories on hand so that you can do something fun in the living room. You could even get an arts and crafts kit. The weather doesn’t need to affect your fun time as a family!
There are so many ways you can have fun with your family this summer. Use the tips in this guide and hopefully you’ll have an amazing time together. Do you have tips of your own you’d like to share? Leave them below!

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April 25, 2016
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