5 Amazing Cake Decoration Ideas for Baby Showers


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A new member of the family calls for a great celebration. Baby showers are not only intended to welcome the new baby, but they also bring family together around gifts and food – especially baby shower cakes. I had a very brief stint making cakes for a living before I decided my kitchen wasn’t professional enough and it took me way to much time and was actually quite stressful. Cake decoration ideas for baby showers seem almost limitless. You can be cute, elegant, or downright rude (think doll head coming out of a vagina in icing). People decide on the decorations by matching themes, nursery colours, or favourite characters. Others make the cake after favourite books, teams or animals. A common one nowadays is the gender reveal cake, make the inside colour match the gender and surprise the guests when you announce the gender by cutting the cake. Below are five baby shower cake ideas for decorating the perfect cake for your new baby:

1. Character Cakes

Is your favorite character Fiona Fox? Maybe it’s the baby Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Whatever character you love can be made into a baby shower cake. Whether you choose to use chocolate modelling paste to make the figure or you order one of the Costco cakes with the figure printed directly on the cake – character cakes are a fun way to incorporate your favourite cartoon or super hero into the baby shower.


2. Matching Nursery Colours

It is easy and fun to create cakes with nursery colour themes. Just choose two (three maximum) colours from the nursery. For example – Chevron stripes in grey on the bottom layer with piped pink rosettes on the top layer make a beautiful cake. The patterns can be polka dots, stripes, fondant balls – whatever makes you happy. Put the stripes, balls or dots on a plain white background. Do a solid colour piped top layer. The white really makes the colours stand out.

3. Nursery Rhymes and Stories

A nursery rhyme cake gives you plenty of room to express yourself. Choose Dr. Seuss’s Foot Book and make baby footprints in reds and blues. You could also choose ‘Are You My Mother?’ and cut colourful characters from fondant to use on the cake. Use the bulldozer, the cow and the cat as fun accent pieces for the baby shower cake. Find cake decoration ideas from thousands of bedtime stories.

4. Animals

Consider making a baby shower cake with baby monkeys, tigers or bunnies. Baby giraffes are a wonderful idea to decorate a baby shower cake. Tall necks and spindly legs make the giraffe a perfect choice for a cake topper. The base layer cake could be done in zebra stripes or leopard prints. The top layer could have the corresponding baby zebra or leopard as the topper. Use a baby elephant on top and decorate the cake in peanuts. There are so many great options in this category.


5. Baby Cakes

Make the baby the focus of the baby shower cake. Cute baby bottoms in ruffled nappy pants and little fat baby feet tucked underneath are so fun for a baby shower. You can personalise the nappy pants with the baby’s name, with designs like flowers or just do plain pink or blue coverings. The baby bottom can be done as a topper or as the cake itself (you will have to carve the cake for this). A baby bottom cake topper with the cake draped in a fondant ‘baby blanket’ makes a great shower cake too. The baby blanket can be embellished with sugar pearls, quilted patterns and more.


Baby shower cakes can be fancy, elegant or bold. Cake decoration ideas should include things you love for your little one, whether it’s nursery rhymes or your favorite hero character. Pick the colors, themes and flavors that will make you and the guests happy. There is no ‘wrong’ baby shower cake as long as you love it.

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  • Reply painter and decorator

    Wow amazing. Baby cakes are really awesome. Love to see your blog. you are wonderful. thanks for sharing with us.

    February 28, 2018 at 5:30 am
  • Reply nigel william

    Is it customary to give guests on a baby shower a small party favor or souvenir? Do you have any printable for an invitation? We are going to bake the pink cake you pictured in the article, it is exactly what we were looking for.

    March 6, 2018 at 9:52 pm
  • Reply Susan

    Sound great! I really love the idea of the baby cake, as I tend to attend baby shower often.

    March 13, 2018 at 12:42 am
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