Feature Wall Ideas to Make a Style Statement

Feature Wall Ideas to Make a Style Statement

The feature wall has long been a style statement, particularly if you have a chimney breast prominent in your home. If you don’t have one simply pick a wall that will work well, maybe the one with least furniture? They can make a dramatic focal point to the room. We decided on painting our feature wall in the living room a statement colour in Teal, but there were other ideas we had. I was considering a wallpaper feature with trees, because I love the idea of nature being represented on the inside. It brings a sense of calm to me. There’s a reason beach scenes and forest scenes are popular works of art. I wanted to show you some different ways of making a feature wall, it doesn’t have to be just paint or wallpaper.

The gallery wall

All those pictures we take deserve a display place – I’ve started work on mine but it needs more. I never seem to have the time!


The wall mural

You can get wallpaper made to fit your exact space. Choose from lots of different scenes like forests, beaches, flowers, animals, sea life and more. You could also upload your own photo and get it made into a mural – imagine that? ThereĀ are some amazing styles and they are really easy to apply, I’m seriously tempted for the dining room.


Find similar wall mural options on Wallsauce.com

The exposed brick wall

Natural exposed brick adds a homely feel and is really on trend right now. It always looks good, especially with a roaring fire. Contrast it with smooth walls in a bright colour. Alternatively you could go for an entire wall like this:


Wood paneling

Wood panelling is making a comeback and instead of ripping it out people are putting it back in! It can look really stylish in the right sort of house, but perhaps not in a new build? A modern twist on wood paneling:



Add a large mirror or several small mirrors to your feature wall. A mirror classically adds more light and space to a room, but it also can become art in its own right. Try overlapping larger and smaller mirrors to add intrigue.


Contrasting wallpaper prints

Can we just take a moment to pray to the creators of this wallpaper? It’s so amazing I feel the need to redecorate. Seriously though there are some amazing wallpapers out there and you don’t need to stop at one – try contrasting two different patterns and be bold!


Fabric wall

Try using fabrics instead of traditional materials. There are many different ways to use fabric, from simply draping like a curtain, to using fabric wallpaper, padding and splashes of fabric. Here it’s used as panelling in the smallest room. Fabric adds a luxury touch, from tapestries to drapes.


I hope this gives you some inspiration for your feature wall, which one is your favourite?

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The feature wall is an interior must have and a way to make a style statement to reflect your personality. How do you style yours?

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