Barbie Flip Reveal Styling Head review for #StylingHeadMonth plus Twitter Party

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Phoebe has been learning how to do plaits, twists and more with hair. It’s one of our most enjoyable times of the day in the evening after Daniel has gone to bed, she crawls behind me, gets out the hair things and brushes and styles my hair. A few weeks ago she was getting frustrated to the point of tears over and over again because she couldn’t understand how to do a proper plait. Despite showing her and my reassurances that it didn’t matter, she wanted so much to master it that she didn’t want to stop trying – that’s my girl. The styling head has really helped her, because I could show her with the right perspective and she could practice away by herself. Now she can do it! Perseverance and practice paid off.

Another of her current faves is make up. I have a roller highlighter which she calls the glitter pen that she likes to wear. What’s great about the Barbie Flip Reveal Styling Head is that it comes with so many accessories, including colour changing make up. You can change the lip and nail colour with either icy cold or warm water. It’s great because there are no messy paints or make up, just water. The set comes with press on nails and nail stickers, a colouring pen which you can use to colour in the stencils, freestyle or clip in to the colour brush as if it was highlights. The only thing I wasn’t keen on was that on the box it shows the shapes very defined but it’s nigh on impossible to do it that way in real life, the pen doesn’t reach into the small areas of the stencil shapes as the nib is too thick. Other than that it is a really impressive toy. You can make endless different styles with the brush, hair clips and hair bands, mix the blonde and hot pink colours together. The head is moveable and poseable, the hands can fit under the chin or swing out for a manicure. She wears a glittery silver top which Daniel points to and says ‘boobies!’ He also calls her Mummy which I will take as a compliment.


The Barbie Flip Reveal Styling Head retails at £39.99. You can get it from toy retailers like Tesco, Argos, John Lewis, Amazon and Very. If you would like to be in with the chance to win a styling head for your little one, there’s a Twitter frenzy (party) on 13/4/18 at 1-2pm using the hashtag #StylingHeadMonth hosted by @UKMumstv so put that in your diary. I’ll be there showing some before and after hair styles on our Barbie, make sure you’re following me on Twitter @midwifeandlife. See you then!

Disclosure: we were gifted the styling head. All opinions my own.

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