Top Parenting Shortcuts for Large Families

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Do you find it hard getting your 2 kids out of the house each day? It might be, but what do women that have more than 5 kids do? Many take time to adapt to the idea and get to learn a few tips along the way. Today we share these tips and how to make everything work for you as the number grows.

Safety Is Everything

With such a large number of people in the home, anything can happen. One of the major routes of transmission in the home is through the water. Whether it is drinking water or water for use, your family can suffer from diseases that are transmitted via this medium. The worst thing is that the large family makes it hard to handle emergencies that arise due to water-borne diseases.

There are various ways to combat this issue, among them proper water purification methods. As a large family, the water needs are high, and you need an alternative source of water to fulfill all the needs. What you can do in such a case is to depend on rainwater harvesting. Get the right storage tank for the purpose and explore the different rain purification methods you probably have not heard of.

Space Is Vital

Many issues in large families arise due to space constraints. If you have several kids, make sure you allow them to have different rooms. Fights and scuffles arise especially when one kid has his own room and the rest have to share. The solution to this problem is to have a bigger house with many rooms if at all possible, or partition rooms so they have clear boundaries.

Therefore, if you are planning on having a large family, be wise in choosing the right house. It should be big enough to accommodate all the kids and leave space for movement. Remember that kids love playing, and need enough space to do this. Confined spaces are perfect recipes for accidents in the home – you wouldn’t want this to happen.

Space is also vital when it comes to the outdoors. You need a large backyard to handle all the playthings the kids need. And when it comes to relaxing, a huge backyard gives you enough time to host family events.

With enough space, you can add extensions to your home when necessary. This can be a storage space, addition of a new garage or a home office.

Embrace Energy-saving Practices

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that a larger family equals a huge energy burden. You are looking at more energy costs each month due to the increase in the use of the home equipment and appliances. This is why it is vital that you go for star rated appliances, and undertake modifications to make your home more energy efficient.

Apart from upgrading to energy efficient appliances, you also need to try to keep the warmth inside the house during winter and the air during summer. You can do this with proper insulation. Insulation of the home requires an expert’s hand; therefore make sure you enlist the services of a qualified home builder for this role.

Have a Plan Each Day

However much you feel you are too busy, you will be surprised at how daily planning saves a lot of time. If it means getting up 15 minutes earlier than usual, do so. Have a to-do list each day and assign one of the family members to the tasks each day. Have objectives for each task and communicate these to each person that you assign the task to before you leave the house.

Have a calendar to track these tasks. Let the family members have access to the calendar so that they understand their roles each day. Doing this makes it easy for you to delegate the tasks.

One thing you also need to plan is the menu. Planning a menu for weeks in advance can save you a lot of time. The meal plan should incorporate favourites as well as alternatives. Have the menu in an accessible place so that your kids can start preparing the essentials once they get home.

Running a large family doesn’t come easy, but it comes with many benefits. For one, you can bond and have fun as a family.

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April 4, 2018
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