Choosing the best children’s bed for your child

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Picking the best bed for your child is very important because it will allow them to feel more comfortable while sleeping. Aside from this fact, a suitable bed will also give your child enough space to play while staying inside the room. Buying a new bed can be quite straightforward too as many online stores offer you the chance to buy a bed on finance.

Here are the five different types that you can consider if you are looking for the best children’s beds.

Bunk beds

These beds are preferred by parents who have more than one child staying in a room (obviously!). This is also great for kids who usually receive sleepover friends or cousins. Bunk beds are two single connected beds which allow more sleeping space with taking too much room space. Here are 9 different bunk beds to choose from.

Single beds without storage

This is the type of bed preferred for rooms that don’t have problems with space. This is also considered as the best type of bed for children because it offers great design with a decent size. Most of the time, these types of beds are purchased by parents for kids who are staying in rooms with decent size.

Single beds with storage

This is the exact opposite of single beds without storage. These always hide a large storage underneath, which can be used as storage for  your children’s toys. This type is also advisable for bedrooms that don’t have enough space for drawers or cabinets. Although it helps you save space, the design of these beds can often be unattractive because it needs to hide the bulky storage underneath. They vary from  simple sliding drawer storage which can be covered by a valance, to beds with push under drawers. Saying that they are one of the best children’s bed types.


This is the type of bed that will really make your child excited every bedtime. I haven’t met a child who doesn’t get excited every time he will be sleeping in a secret camp. They have storage or even desks underneath and a secret camp area. Most of the time, these beds offer the highest quality of mattresses that will keep your kids comfortable, but it depends on your budget.

Novelty beds

These types are often referred to as themed beds because they are specially made to fit kids’ desires. This is also advisable for parents who will be transferring their toddlers from the cot to an ordinary bed. Novelty beds will also encourage your kids to sleep, preventing you from having problems when trying to send your kids off to sleep. I am the proud owner of a Thomas the tank engine bed!

These are five types of beds that you can consider when looking for a children’s bed. Always remember that your child should be comfortable when sleeping, and the bed should also provide security, especially if your kids move a lot while sleeping.

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November 1, 2017
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