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Are you looking to take a blogging course but not sure which one is worth the investment? An overview and honest review of the Turn your dreams into money course by UK 6 figure blogger Emma Drew from EmmaDrewInfo. Learn the ins and outs of blogging for money, and all the shortcuts. £50 with my exclusive code! Click here to get your discount

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Why take a blogging course?

I’ve spent a large part of this year growing and focusing on my blog business. I’ve opted in to a lot of freebies – some helpful, some not! I’ve read a lot and taken two blog courses. When you’re looking at the amount of information there is on blogging it can get confusing. I followed some advice in the beginning that wasted my time and money because I took what they said as gospel. There is a lot of free information (some of which I provide here on my blog), but the trouble is knowing what will give you the most value. Out of the two courses I’ve taken, today I’m going to tell you all about Emma Drew from Emmadrewinfo‘s course entitled ‘Turn Your Dreams Into Money.’ Emma is a UK money saving blogger who earns 6 figures from her blog and regularly earns £5k per month in affiliate income alone (goals!). Heads up, I’m an affiliate for this course, so if you purchase it through my link, I get a commission from it. As well as giving you an overview, I will be giving you my honest feedback, and how to know if this course is right for you. If you choose to do the course, you can also become an affiliate if you want to. The reason I took courses was to overcome a plateau I’d reached in my traffic and earning potential. I know feel like I’m going in the right direction and I know where my focus is.

Who is Turn Your Dreams Into Money for?

This course can be taken by new bloggers just setting up, and bloggers who want to take their blog to the next level, earning money from it and improving their blog. I found some of it I already knew as an established blogger with 2 and a half years experience, but I still learnt a lot from it. The media kit templates and rate card templates were so good and I’ve already got some work from just having a rate card. There’s also lots of bonuses, like being in the mastermind Facebook group where Emma does weekly lives and regular coaching sessions. There’s a blog critique included in the course too. The Turn your dreams into money course is split into sections with modules so you can easily see what you’d like to complete and there’s no set order. You can take as long as you like, it’s self paced and you have access for life and to any updates. The best part is I get to offer you an enormous £50 discount! Just scroll down to the end and grab your exclusive code.


What is the course format?

It’s mostly text based, with some video to illustrate a point. For me, I prefer black and white, unless it’s a demo of a particular service. I could easily see which bits I wanted to dive into, re-read as necessary and you can complete it at your own pace, there’s no time limit. Once you have bought the course, you get updates for life and no expiry date.

Course overview

There is so much packed into this course! I have included all the titles of the sections and modules so that you can see the detail Emma has gone into. There’s a workbook to download, plus you get access to the mastermind Facebook group, where Emma is on hand to answer questions and you can network with like minded people. Here’s the course layout (don’t forget you can dip in and out of it):

Emma’s Story
How To Tell If Blogging Is Right For You
Show Up For YOUR Dreams
How To Navigate This Course & Get The Most Out Of It

Download Your Course Workbook – the course comes with a downloadable PDF course workbook that you can either print out and fill in as you go, or digitally fill it in. It does help to keep you focused and ascertain and be accountable for your goals.

Before you start – tutorials for brand new bloggers

Choosing A Name For Your Blog
Narrowing Your Niche
Why You Can’t Afford NOT To Go Self Hosted
Installing WordPress
Choosing And Setting Up Your Theme
Must Have Plugins
Disclosures Required By Law
Creating An Awesome About Page
Your Branding (Colours, Logo, Fonts)
Setting Up Your Blogging Email Address
Choosing Your Categories
When To Launch Your New Blog

Laying the Foundations For A WILDLY Successful Blog

Get Stuff Done – Putting Together Your Plan
Your Mission
Your Vision
How To Stop Self Doubt From Paralysing You
Progress Not Perfection

Protecting Your Blog

Why You Need To Protect Your Blog
Diversify Your Blogging Income
Backing Up Your Blog
Protect Yourself With Extra Domain Suffixes
Protect Your Blog With Trademarking
Protect Your Blog From Spam
Protect Your Blog From Hacking
Protecting Your Blog Worksheet

Writing kick-ass blog posts

What Is A Kick-ass Blog Post?
Creating A Kick-Ass Blog Post & Checklist

Images For Your Blog

Why Your Blog Needs Images
Where To Find Images For Your Blog
Image Hints & Tips That You Must Read

How to get traffic to your blog

How Much Traffic Do You Need To Actually Make Money?
Search Engine Optimisation
Driving Traffic Through Social Media
Running Giveaways To Increase Your Traffic
Guest Posting
How To Get Noticed
How To Leverage Your Existing Traffic
Featuring On Podcasts

Becoming a social media whizz

Why social media is important
Which social media platforms to use
Other social media platforms
Automating & Scheduling Your Social Media


An overview of Pinterest
Why you NEED Pinterest
Installing Rich Pins
Making a Kick-ass Pinterest Profile & Setting Up Your Boards
How To Create The Perfect Pin
Your Best Of Board
Joining Group Boards
Automating Pinterest
Your Long-term Pinterest Strategy

Growing & Serving Your Tribe

The Importance Of Your Tribe
How To Serve Your Tribe
How To Grow Your Tribe
The Crazy Impact Of A Facebook Group

The Money Is In The List

Why You Need An Email List
Getting People To Sign Up For Your Emails
Opt-In Ideas For Different Niches
The Types Of Emails To Send
Which Email Provider To Choose
Your Physical Address & Email Newsletters

The business of blogging

An overview of making money from your blog
How To Make Money Straight Away
Why You Need To Be Comfortable Selling
How To Get Comfortable With Selling

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?
How To Decide Which Products To Affiliate To
Tips For Affiliate Success

Make Money With Sponsored Posts

What Is Domain Authority & How To Increase It
The Difference Between Dofollow & Nofollow Links
Making SEO Sponsored Posts Work For You
How To Find Sponsored Posts For Your Blog
How To Pitch to Brands
How To Price Your Sponsored Posts
Sponsored Post Disclosure

Your Media Kit & Rate Card

Media Kit Templates
Rate Card Templates

What Are Sponsored Posts & The Two Types Of Sponsored Posts

Make Money From Adverts
Should You Put Adverts On Your Blog?
Google AdSense
MediaVine (Aka My Favourite Advert Network!)

Products To Sell

Why You Need To Sell Products
Choosing The Right Product(s) For Your Audience
Products You Can Sell
How To Tell If Anyone Will Purchase Your Product(s)

Make Money As a Brand Ambassador

What Is A Brand Ambassador
How Much Money You Can Make As a Brand Ambassador
How To Find Brand Ambassadorships

Improving Your Top 10 Posts

Why You Should Improve Your Top Ten Posts
Identifying Your Top 10 Posts
How To Improve Your Posts
Watch Me Improve One Of My Posts
Improving Top 10 Posts Checklist

Dealing With Trolls

What Are Trolls?
Why People Become Trolls
How To Deal With Trolls
How To Continue Growing Your Business
Personal Development
Blog Critique
A Coffee Break With Me/Clarity Session
The Facebook Group
Investing In Your Blog<

Blogging Hacks

My Top Blogging Hacks

Other bonuses

Blogging Your Way To Riches Book

My Feedback on Turn Your Dreams Into Money

I found the course outline easy to follow, with clear sections and things I wanted to see were there. The checklist and workbook helped enrich the course for me, and were easy to refer back to. The media kit and rate card template were a game changer for me, I’ve had a media kit for a long time, but I’d been looking to update it. Just looking at someone else’s template was great, and I simplified my own media kit. I also now have a rate card, which is already coming in handy and I’ve been able to produce it for PRs and SEOs. I’ve been able to focus in on my goals, my niche and my branding. I was looking for a little more particularly in affiliate marketing strategies and traffic generation, but that is not the main focus of the course, and it provides a good overview and strategies I use and advise. I used the tips on improving my top 10 posts and made new pins for them which are doing well. I’d recommend the course if you’re just starting out and want to turn your blog into your business, or if like me, you’ve hit a plateau in your growth and earnings and want that boost.

Price details and how to enrol

It’s not cheap, but not overpriced either. Emma has been blogging for 7 years and wasn’t making money overnight – like you and I, she has built up the business from hard work and dedication. You get the benefit of her experience and expertise, with something to keep referring back to. You can see above the detail you get, plus the bonuses are insane! Take a look at the bonuses you get included in the course. The full price of the course is £197, or you can set up a payment plan of 2 months at £125 a month. ($250 one off or 2 payments of $160). The great news is I can offer you a special discount with my referral – you get £50 off the course, so it’s only £147! If you go through my link and enter the code JENNY at the checkout, your discount will be applied. Let me know if you get it and how you’re getting on. I will be launching my blogging course in the new year entitled Blogging Secrets, all I know about blogging including things I keep a closely guarded secret! If you’d like to go on the waiting list for an exclusive first look and discounts, sign up via the form below and I’ll be in touch!

Want a blogging course that tells all? Read the review of this 6 figure blogger's course and how it helped me, plus your exclusive discount code worth £50!

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    The timing of your post is spooky! My journey has fully kicked off today with my new cycle and I was thinking at 4am when I couldn’t sleep about my blog and how I can make it work. I was thinking “I need a course, I like courses!” And ta-da!!! I think the cost of this will be worth the investment and I’ve signed up to your list for your course too!! Here we go!! Time for a new direction in life!

    October 30, 2017 at 3:49 pm
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      I thought it would start soon! Exciting times… you’ll be well prepped x

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