8 Best Pregnancy Apps for the UK 2020

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Once you find out you’re pregnant, as well as registering with the midwife and finding out all the pregnancy freebies you can get, you might consider downloading some pregnancy apps. But which one are you going to choose? There are so many.

Firstly, you will want to decide what you want to get out of a pregnancy app. Do you want to know how big your baby is at each stage compared to a vegetable? Or maybe you can’t stand the size comparisons like The Coastal Mummy! Do you want to have humour interlaced with it, or the most factually accurate with evidence behind it. You might want an app that is attached to your favourite baby brand or magazine. Consider whether they are free or paid. Most are free, but can contain in app purchases or upgrades. If not, they will most certainly be recommending their own products or affiliate products. This is how they finance their content.

You will probably get excited and download a few, so go ahead – you can always uninstall the ones you don’t like later. I’ve asked my parenting group and my blogging colleagues for their favourite pregnancy apps to hone this list – does your favourite make it onto the list?

Best free pregnancy apps in the UK

Emma’s Diary gives you size updates week by week plus tips and offers. It also gives you the opportunity to create your own time lapse pregnancy video. Download Emma’s diary app for android here and IOS here.

The Bounty app offers daily updates, pregnancy tracker, connects to your local hospital leaflets and continues after the birth with baby tips. Download Bounty for android and IOS.

Babycentre’s app has 4.5 star reviews and offers pregnancy tracking, diet and exercise tips, a baby name finder and due date calculator. Download Babycentre app for android or IOS.

Ovia pregnancy tracker has all the usual pregnancy calculators and images, but it also has a comprehensive symptom tracker. You can easily refer to their articles about safe foods and have your questions answered. It’s popular with women who have used the Ovia fertility tracker. Download Ovia pregnancy tracker app for android or IOS.

Glow Nurture pregnancy tracker is a favourite of MummytoDex, she liked that you could send yourself an email with a spreadsheet of the tracking, plus there are mum groups to explore. Download Glow Nurture for android or IOS.

Jo from arosetintedworld enjoyed the Pregnancy+ app, which has a whole host of features, including daily articles, a tracker, size comparisons and a time lapse option. Download Pregnancy+ for android or IOS.

Baby countdown apps

These are apps where you input your baby’s due date and it provides a countdown down to the last second, with cute backgrounds you can customise. Some also have facts and articles. Bear in mind most babies don’t come on their due date though!

Baby countdown widget google play

Baby countdown widget IOS

Baby countdown – My Pregnancy google play

Whichever pregnancy app you choose, have fun and remember you can always ask your Midwife when you have any queries, and discuss your options with them.

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September 12, 2019
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