Dietbon Diet Ready-Made Meals Review

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Earlier this year my friend and I decided we would start horse riding again, something I used to do but has fallen by the wayside since I had children. I rang to enquire about riding details and the lady asked for our heights and weights. She told me she had a maximum weight limit of 12 stone. I was 12 and a half stone! I was too fat to go horse riding and felt awful. I’m generally very confident in my own skin and body, I know I’m overweight but I’m happy with everything. This was something else however, and it made me decide to lose weight. I’ve been doing well with a calorie controlled diet, but I’ll take all the help I can get, so I agreed to review the diet ready-made meals and snacks from Dietbon. You can also try out the service, with a 15% discount code exclusively for you. Just use the code WELCOME and get 15% off plus FREE 28 day Morning & Night detox tea cure included. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

Dietbon are a French company, hence the name. They provide teas, snacks and meals in a complete system so you can order for the week and not think about it. Prices start from £44 per week so it’s very reasonable. Each week you also get a ‘free day,’ so you can eat out, and make your own food. You should still be mindful of what and how much you’re eating. They also provide a coaching support system online and over the phone so you’re not alone. The telephone consultations are with registered dietitians. In my box I also had a recipe book which contained helpful advice and pointers to keep me on track.

They have a wide choice of 100% natural foods to choose from, including vegetarian options. If you’re vegan, you might struggle to get the variety you need. I chose my own meals, snacks and breakfasts. It has a slight French flavour, which you would expect, and I love French food so I had high expectations. Would the ready meals be up to scratch?

I think it’s hard when everything has to be processed so it has a long shelf life, and they don’t even need to be refrigerated. I popped the salads in the fridge, but you can eat them at room temperature. As well as the meals, I had snacks in the form of chocolate chip cookies and fruit desserts. I also had wake up tea bags and relaxation tea bags.

My weight at the beginning of the week: 12 stone 1 lb

The food

On the whole, I enjoyed the food I ate. There was only one I wasn’t keen on, the salmon pasta dish – the salmon was a little dry. It was still very edible though. The salads and soups were great for lunch. The portions are smaller than I’m used to, but that is the whole point. It really helped with portion control. Even though I’d been dieting previously, it gave me more of a boost to my weight loss. I loved having everything planned out, it took the stress away of what to eat which is half the battle. I had a nice variation of salads, hot food and soup. For breakfast I had muesli, which was individually packaged into portions – so good, it meant I didn’t have to do any weighing. If I was being ultra anal I would measure out the skimmed milk, but mostly I just added what I needed.

The cereal was yummy, and kept me full until I either had a snack or it was lunchtime. I’m not a big snacker, I prefer eating breakfast lunch and dinner, and then I can have the two snacks in the evening when I’m relaxing and I feel like I’m having a treat.

dietbon chocolate flake cereal portions


The two snacks I had in my pack were chocolate chip cookies and fruit desserts. The cookies were four small cookies per portion (individually packaged again) and they were really tasty. Add in a cup of tea with skimmed milk and they were a real treat. The fruit desserts were nice and sweet, but they did remind me of baby puddings! I’d probably rather have an actual piece of fruit and yoghurt instead.

box of dietbon meals and snacks

Main courses

Here you can see the types of meals and how much you get per portion.

steak and mash
Soya steak and root mash
sausage and lentil casserole
Sausage and lentil casserole
Turkey soup
Almond chicken casserole with rice

So, did I lose weight? Yep! Weight after the week: 11 stone 12lb

Total loss = 3lb. Here’s the thing. I went on a calorie controlled strict diet for a week. I lost weight. I also lost weight doing my own calorie counting and healthy eating. But, having the Dietbon meals took away any worry about what was healthy, what was low calorie and provided very little room for error, unless you cheated and ate more than allowed. I think apart from the odd lick of a spoon I did stick to it religiously. I enjoyed it, and it made dieting easy. The only downside was the lack of fresh food, which by the end of the week I was craving. It’s the first time I’ve done a meal service like this, and I’d recommend doing it, either as a regular thing or as a kickstart to weight loss. It will give you an idea of what and how you need to eat to really lose weight. You have to have a calorie deficit for it to work. I did no extra exercise, because I’m super busy and tired and I can’t fit it in.

Have you ever tried a meal service like this? What did you think? Don’t forget you can also try out the service, with a 15% discount code exclusively for you. Just use the code WELCOME and get 15% off plus FREE 28 day Morning & Night detox tea cure included. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

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September 10, 2019
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