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I’ve recently been introduced to Swagbucks by a fellow blogger, one of the latest websites to offer a form of cashback. I’m going to introduce you to it and explain how easy it is to earn money, doing as little or as much as you like. I haven’t done that much and already in 2 weeks I’ve had £20 of Amazon vouchers, which have come in very handy for my Christmas shopping. Swagbucks  give you  cash in the form of vouchers from popular stores, or you can get PayPal cashback; although you will need more credits to claim the PayPal cash than the vouchers, so it works out better value to go for the vouchers. I’ve currently got enough for another £3 worth and still got some pending, for very little time and effort.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a global loyalty programme and has so far given out over $350M in rewards worldwide. You get credits in the form of Swagbucks known as SBs which are quite addictive to collect! It’s fast growing in popularity and has been rated the number 1 site to make money online by MSE and Savethestudent.

How I use Swagbucks

I make my SBs in several different ways:

  1. There are surveys you can answer to receive SBs. I like the idea that as well as getting the credits my voice is being heard and will make a small difference. There are new ones every day and there is always a daily poll which is so quick to complete.
  2. You can shop and get cash back or credits, if I’m ordering a takeaway from Just Eat, boom – credits. Christmas Shopping, birthdays, treating myself – all goes through Swagbucks and I know I’m getting something back.
  3. You can watch videos or read articles that interest you to get credits (Swagbucks Hack– you can always leave the videos running with the sound down on another tab!).
  4. There are offers that you can sign up to (Swagbucks Hack – read the small print and don’t forget to cancel any ‘free’ offers that will then charge you).
  5. Downloading Apps – the credits vary, and some are games that you need to get to a certain level, so be sure you can get to the level required (or maybe you know someone who can). For a lot of them you just need to download it then get credited, then delete it.
  6. They often have regular games and incentives like Swagoboard for extra SBs
  7. Internet searches – I search a lot and I do them all through the Swagbucks page now. You won’t get credits for every search but for quite a few you do.
  8. Swagbucks codes – I have the Swagbucks Google Chrome extension and when I’m online it flashes up when there’s a code available, they also post them on their Facebook page, enter these on their homepage for SBs.

How to make the most out of it

Set a goal: You can get a £3 Amazon gift card at 525 SB which is easily done, it took me a couple of days. I decided to save them up until I had £15 worth, then I took a further £5 out a week later. There are people who’ve really taken it seriously and have amassed over £1000 of vouchers in 6 weeks! It can definitely be done. If you’re not sure how, ask questions in the Facebook group, comment on this post if you’d like me to message you with our private Facebook group for hints and tips to really boost those SBs. You can also refer friends and family and you’ll earn too. You get credits when they get credits – for life!

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! It’s free to sign up and start earning money online. You just need an email and password. I mentioned above about being careful about offers you sign up to, but that’s it. You can still get a really decent level of SBs without signing up or downloading anything. Have a play and try out different channels and find what works for you.

But I don’t have time!

I am one busy mama as you know, I find time for the surveys and offers while I’m waiting for Daniel to go to sleep, early morning in bed, playgroups, the odd 5 minutes here and there. If you want something done, ask a busy person!

Sign up today and start earning now!


Disclosure: I received some extra credits for writing this post, but all opinions are my own.

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