5 Features Your Blog Post May Lack to Look More Readable in 2020

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Writing a blog is an excellent opportunity to share ideas and show knowledge while earning money. Whether you are a small business owner or just an enthusiastic individual, running a blog on something you are an expert in is an amazing job.

However, it should be not only relevant in terms of content but also successful and readable. If you want to improve your blogging and attract new readers, follow these simple tips.

Work on the Structure

Of course, the latest trend in blogging is writing longer content. Today, the Google ranking is more favorable to the articles more than 1,000 words long. Those that have more than 3,000 words attract more traffic. People want to get all the information on one page, so the content should be extensive and understandable.

However, the main issue of long-reads is that they need to be structured properly. The page should not look like an extract from a science book. It should be divided into comprehensive pieces with clear headlines, pictures, graphs, and citations.

To structure a long post appropriately, one should:

  • compose creative subheadings;
  • write shorter paragraphs;
  • add pictures to break the content into pieces;
  • use highlighted citations, etc.

Add High-Resolution Images Only

No matter what your field or the product you promote is, whether you have a blog on custom essay writing service or home baking, it is essential to use images. Adding them makes content visually attractive and thus engage a reader.

It is great to use your own pictures; however, if it is not possible, there are several free image resources such as Unsplash.

Photos help readers comprehend information better. They make the post more pleasing, break the content into pieces, etc. Just try to find appealing and relevant pictures.

Care for User Experience

One of the key factors is the users’ experience. It includes loading speed and the overall comfort of using a website or blog. It is crucial to make your content usable on both small and large screens.

In 2019 Google launched a mobile-first index, which means that the page is ranked primarily depending on its’ smartphone interface.

The majority of searches are conducted via smartphone, so if your posts are hard to read on a small screen, people are more likely to leave the page.

To make materials more readable, one can:

  • keep the blog’s grid small. The average size needs to be about 900px-1100px;
  • use a comfortable font; the letters must not be too small;

Create a Card Layout

The card layout is beneficial for any website. It means that after the post or on the sides, there are links to other materials. Those are done in card form.

Such a move attracts more attention and is more exciting than just seeing the title. What to include in the card? Here are a few suggestions:

  • main picture of the article;
  • headline (clear and catchy at the same time);
  • excerpt from a post;
  • post date;
  • “read more” feature.

Such a layout will help users find new content on your blog and keep reading. These cards can be related to the initial article or the most popular ones.

Enable Social Sharing

Social media shares serve as a free and helpful way to attract new readers. People tend to trust their friends’ recommendations. It also is free advertising that contributes to widening the audience. That’s why it is crucial to have social media sharing buttons on your post.

The second essential factor is enabling the ability to share on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. The majority of people use these gadgets to read and post something nowadays, so it should be a top priority.

There are several ways to place the sharing buttons. The majority of websites choose the bottom of the page for it. It is quite logical – a reader has enjoyed a post and wants to share it know.

If there is not enough space, one can add one “share” button that offers several social media opportunities to choose from.

In Summary

The main trends in blogging are about providing relevant content in a way that is comfortable for the user. The articles are getting longer and more detailed, yet, it is essential to keep them structured, focused, and comprehensible.

To make an article more compelling, one should add high-quality pictures or videos. Another important point is to make is perform equally good for the small and big screen, because people use smartphones more often now than PCs. One also needs to make the content easy to share to attract new readers.

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November 29, 2019
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