Blogging Secret Weapons That Will Fire You To Victory

Blogging Secret Weapons That Will Fire You To Victory

Blogs are a peculiar business venture in the sense that your direct competitors can sometimes become your best friends. Most blog readers will visit several pages throughout their days too, so losing a ‘customer’ to another blog is hardly a disaster. Having said that, you’d be a fool to dismiss the need to make your platform better than the other options on the market. Otherwise, your readership levels will never reach their full potential.

Great content should always be at the heart of your blogging activities. However, it’s the additional items that will truly turn your venture into a winning business. Focus on these four factors below, it will give you a starting point.

1- A Strong Brand Image

As with any other business, your blog is being judged at all times. As such, setting the right impression is imperative. A cheap virtual post box will establish a better brand image before you’ve even started to work. Follow this with great logos and web designs, and your foundations will be stronger than ever. Keep the same names and images across all your social media channels.

Getting involved with blogging communities can be very beneficial too. This is particularly true if you win awards and accolades. Essentially, if you can provide the readers with a sense of confidence before they’ve even started reading, it can only bode well.

2- A Productive Workspace

Whether the blog is a side project or your primary source of income isn’t overly important. Utilising time and money in the most effective manner should always be the key focus.  Don’t waste time on lots of unpaid work unless it’s going to benefit you or grow your brand.

Finding ways to actively work well from your family home is essential. Failure to do this won’t only reduce the quality and quantity of posts. It will also start to cause negative results in your personal life. For the sake of your sanity as well as your aspirations, you must get this right.

3- A Bond With Readers

Producing great content is one thing. But enjoying that positive relationship with readers is another altogether. When you achieve those emotional ties, the visitors will feel far more connected to you and your posts. In turn, that should encourage them to visit the site on a regular basis.

Social media is a fantastic resource for growing those positive bonds. Those interactions will also give you a chance to gain valuable feedback that can be used to tweak your platform. Meanwhile, providing extra insight through audio and video products can only have a positive influence also.

4- A Desire For Money

As a creative entrepreneur, you should always want to produce great work. However, it’s equally important to make it a profitable business too. Learning how to monetise your blog through advertising is key. I use Google Adsense, as it’s easy to set up. I also write sponsored content for brands and use affiliate networks like Awin. You can take things one step further by selling t-shirts and other products like mugs. You can create an e-course, e-book or webinar for people to buy. Either way, though, money should always be on your mind.

Apart from filling your purse, that revenue can be used to enhance your blog. If it continues to progress over time, there’s nothing to stop it becoming a sustained route to financial rewards. If that doesn’t signal winning the war, what does?


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