Bonding As A Family: Ideas For Spending Quality Time Together

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What is family time? It’s making memories, it’s being together in a positive way, and it’s giving your kids attention. In fact, it’s a vital aspect of family life. It fulfils the function of strengthening and improving the relationship between siblings and parents. But what can we do to spend time together as a family? Read on to find out – first things first – put down the phone, laptop, turn off the TV. I’m sooo guilty of using the electronic babysitters. 

Arts and crafts


This brings me out in a cold sweat

A great way to spend some quality time together with your kids is to set up some arts and crafts activities for them. Now, some parents (me) can be a bit put off with the mess that can occur with these activities. But try something like this no mess painting option if you can’t bear the cleanup. 

Also, remember that getting a bit messy, and exploring your creative side is one of the joys of childhood! It’s also well known that messy play is so beneficial to let them explore. So don’t restrict the little ones too much. Just make sure you put down some protective sheeting and stop them from drawing on the walls, and you’re good. Better still do it outside.


Other cool arts and crafts activities to do are self, or family portraits. This helps the kids develop their own identity, and be aware of how others see them. You can do this it all sorts of ways like painting a picture, or making a collage from paper plates.

You can even get fairly cheap hand puppets that you can decorate with wool for hair and felt clothes. Then you will have a lasting toy to keep for afterwards as well. 

We made this hand and footprint art with a mixture of my husband’s, mine and our children’s prints to make a peacock. I love it, and it preserves a moment in time too.



Another fantastic way of spending some quality time together as a family is going on holiday. Yes choosing the right holiday when you have young kids can be stressful. But if you stick to stick to breaks that provide plenty of activities to keep them amused, you are usually onto a winner. Alternatively pushing the boredom barrier can be good for kids – this year we’re braving a campsite with just a pool and a small playground, no bar or activities at all. I’m hoping for campfires and marshmallows, board games and being close to each other.


Did you know you can now get hotel rooms, that have their own swim up pool outside. Perfect for if you kids like nothing more that messing about in the water.

Or if they are particularly active and your kids are a bit older, why not consider taking them on one of the hiking trips for families on offer.  Not only will this allow them to use up their physical energy, but you will also get to make some amazing memories as a family, as you view the landscapes and sites on your trip.

Movie time

Something else, that is super low key but also a nice chance to bond with you kids is to all sit down and watch a movie together. It’s a great option for when everyone is exhausted, or when the little ones aren’t feeling too well.

It’s nice because you are being entertained, but you don’t have to actually put too much effort in. You can just sit either under a duvet or blanket and snuggle. Sometimes it’s just enough to be in each other’s company.

You can get the kids to choose the film. Or schedule in a new release, and make it super special by making some homemade and healthy popcorn snacks.

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    I’ve been looking for other ways of spending time with my family. Our usual go to place is spending the weekends at the mall. Occasionally we go to the beach or watch movies together.
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    March 29, 2017 at 3:32 am
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