Could You Bring Your Children Up Abroad?

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Lots of us think about moving to, and living in, a different country to bring up our children. It would be so easy for us if we wanted to, nurses and midwives are always in demand and my husband could easily get work in his field. Some of the pay offers are tempting, but for me my family and friends are here, plus I wouldn’t want to commit to a full or part time job, I like the way I work now. Still, it’s a dream for a lot of people – sometimes, because of the current state of the country we are living in, the quality of all aspects of life in the country we want to move to seems of a much better calibre, there are more job opportunities abroad, or we simply want to bring our children up in an exotic (or sometimes not so exotic) place. For a lot of us, though, this is just a pipe-dream and we never actually manage to move abroad, because we realise that it is either not the right time to do so or we simply have not got the money available that will be able to finance our move.

For those who do move abroad, though, they often find that it is a really fulfilling experience and affirms their belief that moving abroad would improve all aspects of their life. However, if or when you do decide to move abroad to live there are things which you will need to think about, weigh up, and make a decision on.

It is important to research heavily on different places you could move to. You do not just want to move somewhere because it has good weather most of the time or the house prices are cheap; you need to think about everything else: the culture and how it will affect you, the education system and whether it will benefit your children; the job market and how well paid jobs are there; and the overall price of living such as groceries, running a car, the price of restaurants etc.

You may want to explore potential places to live before you make a decision. For example, if you are thinking of moving to France, take a trip there, rent a car and explore the different locations across the country. Sample the food, experience the nightlife and ask to visit schools to get a feel for the education your children will be given. If you’re thinking of moving to Nordic countries, it may be worth booking onto a Norwegian Fjord cruise where you will be able to see different parts of the country and have a leisurely, relaxed time while doing so!

Whatever country you’re thinking of moving to, it is obviously important to do research into the ins and outs of a country and how it would fit to your needs.

Living abroad can be extremely beneficial to you and your family. You will find that you will also become a much closer knit group, as when you move away you will have to help each other in different aspects of life. If you believe that moving away will be a beneficial addition and life choice for you and your family, then take time to think about the positives and negatives and put some really thorough thought into potential destinations. It may be hard to adjust at first, but in time it will all come together.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own.

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February 20, 2017
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