No Mess Painting Activity

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I’m definitely a fan of anything no mess, whereas my daughter is a fan of mess. Specifically, anything involving glue, glitter, pom poms, paint and tiny pieces of paper, all over the floor. I came across a video on Facebook and I thought we’d give it a go. You need a canvas, paint and clingfilm. I didn’t have a canvas, but I did have a cardboard lid that worked just as well. I think you need something to wrap the clingfilm round, you could always put some paper over a cardboard box, or anything you have handy, without having to fork out for a canvas.

Blob some paint in different colours over your ‘canvas,’ beware this is the part where mess can occur, get them to sit well back and not touch! (Excuse the smeared windows and old paint can outside, but that’s real life!)

Wrap the picture in clingfilm, several layers is best.

Then, let them smear the paint around. It’s a 5-15 minute activity, at best, so don’t expect miracles. What you will get, is a nice colourful artwork at the end of it, if you have a playroom, all the better. You could experiment with different colours and templates, try and get them to stay within lines. My eldest even got involved and he usually hates painting, because he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty. It’s great for babies too.

Unwrap the clingfilm carefully and chuck it away. Done. Here’s our finished ‘art.’

You could even get some cheap battery powered fairy lights and poke them through the cardboard to make a lit up picture. Your friends will be impressed you got arty with your kids when really, it wasn’t much effort at all.

Sharing is caring!

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